So The More Sporting Spirit If Spouse More Fit

In choosing a partner or friends sport, there are many factors to be considered one of them is physical fitness. Exercise with friends who physically fitter than if you make friends added spirit tired.

Scientists have recently proved, exercise with friends are more physically fit cangive an injection of motivation in itself. Even if his friend is just a virtual friend, aka the real presence not only through recordings such as video.

The team of researchers from Michigan State University concluded that afterobserving 58 young women who attend classes for 6 sessions of static bikes. All the participants were asked to pedal a stationary bike in an unspecified time, as long as it feels comfortable.

The participants were divided into 2 groups, one with no friends to undergocycling session alias alone in one room. Other groups also do it alone, butaccompanied by a virtual partner in the form of video recordings of other participants.

Although the video is actually just a recording, the participants in the test groupwas told that it is the live video from the next room. So in the shadow of theparticipants, he was exercising with someone else in the same time.

Of video recording, participants can monitor the level of physical fitness partner during berlahraga. Yet by the researchers, the level of fitness displayed virtual pairis set up so that it appears always more fit than the participants.

The result is quite surprising, participants are accompanied by a virtual partnercan pedal a bike longer than in the control group participants who really ride my bike alone in the room. Differences in exercise duration reached 2-fold.

“Being able to boost performance up to 2-fold during exercise is a verysubstantial achievement for those who want to increase their physical activity,” the researchers wrote in a scientific report

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