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My Routine Part two.

Hey guys if you haven’t already I’d suggest go see part 1 of my routine, otherwise this part is still kind of useless to you. In this part I won’t bother adding all the details and instructions as it’s already in my previous post.

So let’s get right into it


Back and Biceps

Lateral Raises
Although this workout is great for your shoulders, as it say in the name it’s primarily working out your laterals, which are the muscles going down your back.
Bent-Over Barbell Rows
NOTE: Make sure you understand the proper form when doing this workout. It requires most of your back muscles and is easily done incorrectly, which can result in long term damage to your back.
Again remember PROPER FORM when doing this exercise as repeated poor execution of this move will damage you for life. Don’t let this discourage you as learning proper form is not difficult at all with research. Also this exersice is important as it trains your lower back which is a core muscle and is extremely helpful in the long run in terms of being fit and preventing damage during activities.

Overhand-Grip Arm Curl
This exercise really workd your wrist and forearm muscles which a lot of beginners tend to neglect. This personally was one of my favourite parts of my body to train as the forearms are crucial in arm wrestling. It may sounds stupid but arm wrestling is one of the most common ways to show strength superiority over others. Having giant biceps and triceps may make you look strong, but in an arm wrestling match against someone who remembers to train their shoulders and forearms they will probably lose. 
Bicep Curls
With this exercise feel free to use either dumbells or a barbell. I personally suggest using a barbell as it stops your wrists from rotating from its flat position with the back of your hand parallel to the floor, to more of a hammer curl position which focuses more on your forearms than your biceps.
Concentration Curls
One of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s favourites. This is an amazing and focused bicep work-out.

I don’t think I said this in the last post but I do not leave instructions for the actual exercises themselves because it would be far too long and complicated, especially when you can just youtube it and understand in a matter of seconds. 

Thanks for reading and please comment, like, send to friends and ask questions!

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