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Lack of flexibility is now seen to be a major cause of general health problems and sports injury and is being linked to everything from stress. back pain, and even osteoarthritis. It also means that nagging injuries, especially around your joints take longer to heal.

Lack of flexibility is now considered one of the main causes of common health problems and sports injuries and everything associated with stress. Back pain and even arthritis. This also means that nagging injuries take longer, especially around the joints to heal.

Recent studies show that up to 60 percent of the population in close collaboration with a bad back and hips knees and hips, and the main reason is lack of flexibility.

Active Isolated Stretching (AI)

Olympic athletes were engaged in active Isolated Stretching (AI) currently account for about 10 years but only recently brought to the attention of the public were.

I’ve used this technique on my clients quite a while now with great success, with the addition of a new life and spring to tired muscles. AI stretching prevents injury, as conventional routes can cause real harm such as muscle pulls and tears.

AI stretching does what stretching, what to do, it transports oxygen to sore muscles and quickly neutralized as quickly restored. He also works as a deep massage technique because it activates muscle fibers during the actual route.

How to Stretch

Before stretching, dress in loose clothing and try to acquire five-foot length of rope and tie a loop at the end. The purpose of this cycle end of the rope, to carry out an appendage of the last few inches extend to squeeze out exercise.

Find a comfortable place to stretch out or to bed, carpet or rug.
 Isolate muscles or to edit, then stretch the opposite muscles contract. This means that the isolated muscle or group immediately relax and if she is ready to stretch.
Gently and quickly stretch the isolated muscle until it can be stretched further, now you give yourself a gentle pull with your hands or rope. Go so far as you are, and then conduct a length of not more than 2 seconds, then release it for a total of 5 repetitions on the isolated muscle or group.

The reason for only 2 second stretch, because when the muscles admits that he is forced into the field of IT contracts to protect against over-stretched.
If you beat this decrease can be well on your way to wider range of motion.

Do not forget, more than 2 seconds, release, repeat back to its normal position and hold for five repetitions. Try not to have any problems between stretches and make it as smooth as possible. Try to stretch every day if you can mention:
 work targeted muscles simultaneously.
 Contracting the muscles that compared with the target muscle, which will rest in preparation for the course.
 Stretch it gently and quickly.
 been there before, that they notice it is stretched and goes into its protective contraction.

Here are two exercises that immediately, even if you did at work to stretch that tension and stress from your body.

1. Lie on the floor, buttocks against the wall and legs straight up the wall. Slowly bend the fingers on his knees, hold for two seconds and repeat five times. This will reduce the lower back and stretch the hips and thighs gives instant relief for tired backs.

This exercise can be done while in office, any time you feel stress and tension begin construction.

2. Sitting on a chair and put one leg straight, inclined to Flex your toes to your knees, now that his feet, and stretched their hands on them and let him follow his head and shoulders, hold for two seconds and repeat five times. It’s way through the lower back and neck.

Flexible bodies:

 More efficient

 easily trained for strength and endurance

 enjoys greater freedom of movement

 stay easier and more balanced less prone to injury

 recover faster from workouts and feel better.

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