Success = Action!

I don’t care what they’re teaching in the movie The Secret. The real formula for success is all about action, execution, and another secret ingredient…

A lot of books have been written on the topic of success, but few books speak about the first and most important ingredient to be successful in life: ACTION! Knowledge is not enough; we must take massive actions daily. Action is the first step and the most important one. As you probably know, I’m a personal trainer and I’ve been very active in bodybuilding, cross fit and power lifting in the last 20 years. I’ve worked with all kinds of people, from professional athletes to obese people. In 20 years, I’ve discovered that there is 1 thing that people needs to do more often: to take action. A lot of people read a lot about fitness and diets, but they don’t take action, and therefore they don’t get any results.

I know personal trainers who are overweight. They know what to do to be fit, they teach other people what to do, but they don’t do it themselves. Knowledge is not enough; you need to take action!

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I’m a personal trainer myself and I know a lot about fitness and bodybuilding, but knowledge alone will not make me fit. I’m like everybody else. I need to go to the gym daily and lift heavy weights or run for an hour. There’s no shortcut. I need to do the work that is required to achieve my goals. The same applies to every aspect of life. If you want to start your own business, you need to turn off your TV and start working on your goals. Only action will make you closer to your dreams.

In the introduction, I said the secret to success was action, execution and another secret ingredient. This last part of the success equation is often forgotten by the so-call motivation experts. You need to eliminate from your life the distractions that will keep you away from working on your goals. Nowadays, there are so many distractions around us that a lot of people spend many hours every day on Facebook or watching YouTube videos. You need to find a way to eliminate these distractions. Personally, when I write articles, I simply disconnect my laptop from Internet. Once I’ve completed my articles, I give myself permission to check my emails or my Facebook account.

David Roy

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  1. David , good job . Excellent post .

  2. Good post! I agree with that philosophy and hope that some may read it and take action in their lives.

  3. Another great article. Thanks!

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