The Benefits of Doing Push-up Exercises

What’s an effective exercise you can do almost anywhere? Discover the benefits of push-up exercises.

Don’t have the money to join a gym or buy exercise equipment? Don’t be discouraged. You don’t need expensive exercise equipment to get a great work out. In fact, some of the most effective exercises are the least complicated. An example? The push-up. This simple exercise has been used in sports and military training for years because it requires no equipment and is one of the best strength training exercises around. What are the benefits of doing push-ups?

Benefits of push-up exercises: They’re super simple

One of the biggest benefits of doing push-ups is their simplicity. All you need is a floor and your body to complete this exercise. There’s no need for weights or special equipment and they can be done almost anywhere. They’re a great upper body strength building exercise to do when traveling since they can be done on the floor of any hotel room. Unfortunately, in this age of resistance bands, bosu balls, and other fancy gadgets the push-up seems to have been forgotten – but don’t underestimate this baby! It’s a simple exercise that works.

Benefits of push-up exercises: They develop upper body strength and definition

Tired of flabby upper arms? A combination of push-ups and an aerobic training program to burn off extra fat is all that’s needed to develop a firm upper body. Push-ups effectively target the muscles in the front and back of the arms as well as the chest and upper back. To exercise this many muscles at the gym you’d have to use a series of machines. With push-ups you’re working the same muscles using your own body resistance. Who needs a health club membership to look good in a tank top?

Benefits of push-up exercises: They burn calories

Did you know that five minutes of vigorous push-ups burns almost fifty calories? They won’t take the place of your aerobic workout, but they burn more fat than conventional weight training. Want to tone the upper body and burn calories fast? Do five minutes of an aerobic exercise such as jumping rope followed by a full minute of push-ups. Repeat four of five times. This type of circuit training is one of the fastest and most effective ways to get into shape.

Push-up Exercises: How to Get Maximal Benefits

To maximize toning benefits, do push-ups using different hand positions. Start by keeping your hands at maximum width and then do a set with them closer together. You can also elevate your feet by placing them on a bench or chair to emphasize the upper chest muscles. Placing your hands higher than your feet targets the muscles in the lower chest. Try placing your hands on a small ball while doing a set of push-ups to target the triceps.


If you’re new to push-ups, start out doing them with your knees on the ground until you build up more upper body strength. Keep at it and soon you’ll be doing them on your toes like an old pro. After a few weeks, take a look in the mirror – chances are you’ll like what you see.

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