The Benefits of Working Out Twice a Day

When you exercise twice a day, you may get more fat burning benefits and better overall results. Here’s why.

Are you serious about getting into good cardiovascular shape and shaping your muscles into the body of your dreams? One of the most effective ways to do this is to exercise twice a day. Although it can sometimes seem as if it’s hard to find time for one workout, if your schedule allows it there are significant benefits to working out twice a day. Why should you consider a twice a day workout?

It allows you to have a day of complete rest in between

If you decide to work out twice a day, the best plan is to do cardiovascular exercise in the morning when you first wake up. Cardio can consist of running, a fast walk, jump roping, or an aerobics exercise tape. The only requirement is that it gets your heart rate up into the aerobic target training zone for at least thirty minutes. The afternoon or evening session can be devoted to resistance training where you use light or heavy weights or resistance bands depending upon whether you want to tone or build lean body mass. Since you’ll be doing both cardio and muscle toning in a single day, you can use the next day as a day of rest. Having days of complete rest can be very rewarding psychologically.

Twice a day workouts can be shorter and more focused

While some people spend an hour or more exercising, if you work out twice a day you can cut each workout in half. It can be easier to stay motivated for a twenty to thirty minute session as opposed to an hour long one. You’re more likely to push yourself and fully focus when you know it’s going to be a short session.

You’ll get a double boost in metabolism

When you exercise, your metabolism rises allow you to burn fat at a slightly higher rate for a period of time after exercising. If you exercise twice a day you’ll get that boost in the morning as well as later in the afternoon and evening when you do your second session. You’ll be turning your body into an all day fat burning machine!

It’ll keep your energy level higher all day

Most people have periods during the day when they feel sluggish and unproductive. This usually happens in the late afternoon or early evening. Some people also have problems waking up in the morning and may not feel productive until the late morning. Doing one workout first thing in the morning, preferably cardiovascular, can help you wake up and focus more quickly. Instead of driving to work in a fog, you’ll feel alert and alive. Repeating your workout in the late afternoon or early evening will give you a second energy boost just when your energy is starting to wane. Avoid doing your second workout too close to bedtime as all that energy can keep you awake.

You may achieve better results

When you exercise twice a day for shorter periods, it’ll be easier to focus in on the muscles you’re working. It’s easier to focus for short periods of time and this can result in quicker toning or muscle building benefits. You’ll also approach your cardiovascular sessions with more intensity which will burn more calories and fat.

Working out twice a day may be the answer to making your fitness sessions more focused and productive. Why not give it a try?

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