The Five Most Popular Exercise Programs

To help you avoid mismatch, here’s a brief rundown of the physical demands of selected exercises.

1. Running

This exercise requires high energy output, lots of stamina and a physique free of weaknesses in the knees or spine. And because of its repetitive nature, it’s not suited for people who want plenty of variety in their workouts. Serious long-distance running for the aspiring athlete demands good heart/lung power and an ectomorphic (thin and tall) frame with low body weight for height.

2. Swimming

This is a true “soft exercise” that puts a minimum of stress on muscles and joints. People with excellent heart/lung power, well-developed upper body muscles and a tall, lean frame are naturals at competitive swimming. But if you like long, slow “no-sweat” workouts, swimming is for you.

3. Cycling

This is soft exercise, too, and perfectly suited for those who want to ease into fitness. It’s ideal for large people who want to avoid workouts that put extra strain on their feet and joints. Competitive cycling, on the other had, demands good lung performance and an average frame with a narrow front to present to the wind.

4. Basketball

Like running, basketball requires a lot of energy and plenty of endurance; it also demands intense concentration, good hand and eye coordination and a moderate agility.

5. Walking

Experts have hailed walking as the perfect soft exercise-aerobically demanding yet easy on the joints, muscles and heart. To derive physical benefits from it, you need only walk slightly faster than your normal pace, though not so fast that you can’t carry on a conversation. Even people with back problems, people with weak joints and people who are overweight can safely walk for fitness.

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  1. I agree with what you’ve written here and believe that more people should walk. I walk everywhere–almost 5 miles a day.

  2. Very good analysis of the various sports. Thank you.

  3. Well written, I agree, walking is one of the best exercises out there, for all ages.
    Great work

  4. Thanks for the information. I do lots of walking and swimming which helps keep me reasonably fit.


  5. Great tips on how to stay in shape…

  6. Quite useful tips to keep a person fit.

  7. A combination of all of these spread throughout the week would probably be a great way to stay fit & healthy without putting too much pressure on any one part of your body.
    Another popular article!

  8. Some good tips. Personally, I like walking as an exercise.

  9. Do not agree with swimming being a soft exercise. It uses almost every musel in the body.

  10. Walking is my favorite excercise and swimming comes in a close second.

  11. My favorite is also walking. I do this everyday

  12. Very helpful to maintain a healthy body…..thanks

  13. I liked this. It is nice and easy to read. I walk a lot. Keep up the good work.

  14. These are all great and fun exercises.

  15. looks like it’s triathlon then!!

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