The Importance of Fitness

How fitness and exercise affects your whole body and influences your daily lifestyle.

Fitness is important in many aspects of life. It is the key to good health, which affects how you live your life. It also comes useful in many other ways in life.

Fitness is the key to good health. Along with eating healthy, exercising every day can keep your body fit and reduce your chances of heart attack or stroke. A healthy body also usually means a longer and more enjoyable life, without worrying about obesity-related and other illnesses, like diabetes and asthma (especially after retirement), and can make you feel younger and more active.

Fitness is also useful in many other aspects of life. Besides getting that A in PE class, being fit and healthy means that a person has more stamina and better conditioning to work on those tough jobs that require carrying heavy loads and working long hours at the desk without falling asleep. Moving furniture require carrying heavy things, as does grocery shopping (for those that spend $200-$300 on groceries per week) If you’re working on a farm, you especially have to have very good conditioning, as carrying hay bales, raking, and gathering straw and hay for 14 hours a day can be especially grueling. Having some extra strength at hand is good for getting out of tough spots, as everyone has once in a while. Fitness is useful in playing sports; with good conditioning a person can be there when his team needs him most, and spend more time on the field, instead of resting on the bench.

Fitness keeps the body healthy. A healthy body means a more active, and enjoyable lifestyle, and is beneficial to many ways of life.

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