The Three Most Effective Strength Training Exercises

If you do not have time to spend hours in a gym, do not worry. These three simple strength training exercises will keep you fit in less then 10 minutes 3-5 days a week. Read on…






There is a reason why this exercise is a major part of every boot camp training. It literally engages every single muscle in your body. If you have never done push-ups before, this is a perfect time to start. It might be hard to do at first, but will deliver results fast, so it is worth the effort. Begin by learning to do just one full push-up. Position your body on the floor just like in the photo above ( or on the stability ball) and keep your body steady while slowly lowering your hands, then push your body back up.

 If you cannot do this yet, you can do only a plank (the position above) several times each day until your muscles gain more strength. You should not do this exercise if you are obese, as it could get you injured, but learn to do it after you lose most of extra weight, then it will be great way to help you stay fit and keep the weight off.

 Once you learn to do a push-up, do one most days of the week adding two push-ups in each session every week. This way, you will gradually build muscle strength and tone your entire body. My personal goal is to get back doing 50 push-ups a day with minimal effort. This is how the army elite forces stay in good shape without spending too much time training.




Nothing shapes and keeps the legs strong as well as various types of squats can do. Just like push-ups, they do not require any special equipment or that much time and space to do. It is important to keep your spine aligned straight while performing squats. Also doing them slower will work the muscles more, so do not rush. Do as many repeats as you can before your muscles start hurting. Never push through pain, just take a break or add more squats gradually to your routine until you build muscle strength and endurance.


To challenge yourself more you could also do squats while holding light weights in your hands. If you set your legs wider apart and go down lower, you will challenge inner thighs more.





While squats address mainly the muscles in your legs, crunches focus big time on your abs; doing crunches on the stability ball as in the photo above makes this abs’ trainers favourite exercise twice as effective. However, it is also very good one to do anywhere.

 There are several versions of this exercise. You could do it while lying flatly on the carpet, grass, or exercise mat with your knees bent and pull yourself slightly up off the ground towards you knees, or you could alternate bringing each knee toward the opposite elbow while holding your hand behind your neck. It is best to alternate it both ways, as each will train a different area of your abdominal muscles.


 These exercise are great for both men and women, if you do several sets of each exercise 3-5 days a week, it will be a perfect and not much time consuming all body strength training workout that will keep you healthy and fit for life. Recent studies have shown that people who add some strength training to their regular moderate cardio-exercise have the most health benefits such as lower glucose levels in their blood.

 Strength training also helps to prevent osteoporosis as it stimulates the bones to keep their density as active people age and the good news is that it is never too late to start.

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