Three Vital Aspects of Fitness Exercises

In the busy modern lifestyle fitness exercises are gaining more popularity. Wherever we turn we hear about fitness centers with various physical fitness exercises that you can choose from. It is very essential to study the important aspects of these fitness exercises.

Fitness exercises have become a part of the modern commercial lifestyle. Modern man has realized the importance and inevitability of fitness exercises in the modern sedentary lifestyle. Fitness centers are shooting up everywhere like mushrooms. hence in has become an essential part of life to study the vital aspects of these exercises to reduce the chances of getting health problems. There are three important aspects of fitness. They are: cardiovascular activity, strength training and flexibility. All the three are important and they act like a triangle.

1) Fitness aspect of cardiovascular activity

Recent researches have revealed that people who engage themselves in regular fitness exercises can stay away from many diseases such as cardiovascular problems, high blood pressure and diabetes. Any exercise that improves and strengthens heart and lung capacities can be called as cardiovascular activity. Walking, jogging, bicycling, etc. come under this type of exercises. Practising these exercises for 3-4 days a week is necessary.

2) Fitness aspect of strength training

Strength exercises include exercises such as lifting light weights or rubber bands. It would be ideal to use machines which are available today. Most of them form a combination of upper and lower body exercises. Repeating these lightweights or bands 10-15 times may do good. Practising these strength exercises keep the muscles strong and tone the body.

Practising these strengthening exercises regularly will increase bone density and enable muscles burn more calories.

3) Fitness aspect of flexibility

Flexibility is also an important aspect of the triangle. Yoga can be the best part of this type. You can begin the day with stretching yoga exercises. You can do some after your other routine exercises.

An important note

Nutritious diet also goes along with these three aspects of fitness exercises. Planning your diet adds quality of these three. Another important point you should note is that you should be able to enjoy practising the exercises you choose. The exercises you practice must give you joy and you should be able to continue it as a routine. Unless you enjoy you cannot continue them lifelong.

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  1. The benefits of exercises are umpteen..

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