Tips for Doing Yoga

Yoga is good for health.

In our routine life we feel tired of doing anything. We feel sometimes lazy and not so active. This may be because lack of exercises. We must select a exercises which is suitable to us. Every body can’t do yoga and every body may not go for a walk especially women (leave home and go for a walk is big issue for ladies) and everybody will not have facility to do swimming etc., I suggest yoga is the best exercises for men and women.  No need of specious place, just we can do at our home.  Yoga not only keeps our body flexible but also give good physic too. People look beautiful whoever do yoga.  The main benefit of yoga is we can keep our body under control. Yoga gives peace and increase our philosophical, external powers of the mind. And we will have strong body and mind too. The respiratory system will improve. 

10 tips for doing yoga :

1.  It is good to do yoga early in the morning or evening 

2.  We must not do in the empty floors, do on the mat/cloth/grass.

3.  Stomach should be empty

4.  Wear loose clothes for easy movements

5.  Beginners should do easy asanas and should be practised under the preservation of good teacher.

6.  Yoga should not done in hurry, should do in relax / clam.

7.  Beginners may get pain the body at the early stage but should not stop doing it, practice slowly.

8.  Doing yoga after bath is easy and after yoga it is much better to bath again.

9.  Whoever having blood pressure or sugar should take tablets and do yoga. Should not avoid tablets for        these two diseases because you are doing yoga. 

10. We must give attention about the movement of the organs of the body and give rest to the brain. 

Do yoga regularly and keep your mind and body healthy. 

Thanks for reading my article. 

yoga under sakura (Photo credit: soulfish)

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  1. Wonderful tips

  2. Good advice.

  3. thank you for your comments.

  4. Thank you. I didn’t know it. I’ll give those tips a chance.

  5. I try to do yoga as regularly as I can. It has amazing benefits.

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