Treadmill or Rowing Machine: Which Should You Get?

So, gym memberships are costly, and you really need to lose some fat. The obvious solution is – get a personal exercise machine. But which should you buy?

Buying a home cardiovascular exercise machine is a big investment. The decision regarding which one to buy should be taken very seriously and consider all options – How much will it cost? How effective is the exercise offered by the machine? How much space and power will you need to operate it? What about maintenance and injury risks? All these issues require thinking, and the answers are not always easy to find.

The Machines

The treadmill is a simple machine that almost everyone can use without even thinking. It is simple – just walk or run on the moving belt. You control the belt’s speed and you can put it in front of the TV or even flip through a magazine while you’re on it. The buttons let you set speed and sometimes incline, most models have pre-programmed routines that you can use to emulate hill running or sprints, and some models can be hooked to the TV and let you play interactive games where you run in computer-generated scenes.

Remember that running on a treadmill is not exactly like running outdoors in terms of impact and surface. The treadmill has shock absorbers and a continuously smooth belt – while the outdoors may have uneven surfaces or very hard concrete.

The rowing machine is a little more sophisticated. It has a seat, a wheel and handlebars. The workout resembles rowing – you push with your legs and pull with your arms. Like the treadmill it works large muscles. Unlike the treadmill, the rowing machine works both lower and upper body.

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What Do You Get?

Both machines provide excellent overall cardiovascular workout. Your heart and lungs work, and so do all your muscles. The rowing machine provides the bonus of working your upper body as well. This means that you can work out for shorter periods of time and still get the same amount of cardiovascular effectiveness.

What About Injuries?

Every workout has the potential for injuries. You may be doing it wrong or you may be overdoing it. You may try for too much weight or do things too fast. It is important to understand how to use both the equipment and your body. In this regard, the treadmill has a few risks. The impact on your joints is quite considerable, and it is important not to tun too much at the beginning. It is important to remember that your cardiovascular ability (the amount of time you can exercise before your heart and lungs insist that you rest) improves faster than your muscles. Running too much, especially if you’re overweight, can cause injuries such as shin splints, stress fractures, or knee problems – so resist the temptation.

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  1. I enjoyed reading your article.

    Treadmills are good if you enjoy walking, but are more expensive to maintain, whereas with a rower, there is little maintenance, and the bonus of having both upper and lower body workout is a big plus.

    Good review on both machines.:)

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