Treatment of Potato: Therapeutic Properties of Potato

Potato benefites.

It is difficult to overestimate the importance of potatoes for humanity. Perhaps, it is impossible to find another such plant product, which would in such a full and complete form contains all the elements necessary nutrition: carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, organic acids, mineral salts, micro-and macro.

Potatoes – the only plant that contains 18 amino acids, including 8 essential.
Along with high nutritional value it has medicinal properties. In folk medicine, the potatoes used as therapeutic and prophylactic agent against many diseases associated with metabolic disorders in the body. He is one of the most important components of dietary nutrition.
In some cases, can be used as a medicine or as a tool that can, in combination with drugs to accelerate healing of diseases.
Traditional medicine recommends potato juice to treat stomach ulcer, duodenal ulcer, gastritis. Juice is prepared immediately before use. To this end, the tubers thoroughly washed, Grate and squeeze. Accepts 0,3-0,5 stack. juice twice a day, morning and afternoon for an hour and a half before eating. Treatment of the juice is divided into 2 courses: First – two weeks, the second – after a week’s break.
Established that potato juice has saharoponizhayuschee action. Juice diluted with water 1:1 and take on the 0.4 stack. 2-3 times a day. Good tolerability of this mixture, its volume can be increased up to one cup. In the period of treatment should follow a sparing diet. Considered the best juice obtained from krasnoklubnevyh varieties.
Potato juice of young tubers helps in the treatment of hypertension and thyroid disease. Therapeutic effect is provided by a high content of potatoes acetylcholine. In this case it is useful to alternate it with beet juice.
A mixture of potato and cranberry juice has a positive effect in the treatment of pyelonephritis due to the high content of vitamins C and P.
Established that the infusion of the flowers of potato causes a decrease in blood pressure and stimulates respiration.
Potatoes are successfully used against the edema in heart or kidney failure. To do this, boiled together with the peel potatoes cooked mashed potatoes or pancakes, who consume two or three times a day with milk. Four or five days, alternating potato with two or three day break.
In this case, the therapeutic effect is caused by a high content of potassium, which has a diuretic effect, cleanses the body of harmful toxins.
Potatoes with milk and potatoes with egg white – diet food for people suffering from kidney and liver. To do this, boil the potatoes in their skins, lightly baked and eaten with milk (1 tbsp. L.) And sugar (100 g). Potato and egg sauce is made from 3 parts of boiled chopped potatoes and 2 parts of the egg white.
Inhalation of potato steam help with laryngitis, pharyngitis, rhinitis, sore throat. Inhalation take small potatoes (they have more skin) and cook in a little water. Then inhale steam for 10-15 minutes.
In many South American countries cut potato wedges applied to the forehead for headaches. Freshly grated potato gruel treat burns, trophic ulcers, acute dermatitis, eczema, pustular skin lesions. For this gruel is placed on the gauze and applied to the affected area for 1 -2 hours, periodically replacing. For non-healing ulcers of the skin plate freshly applied potatoes.
Heart diseases appoint potato diet: the patient during the day give about 1 kg of boiled unsalted potatoes in 5-6 receptions for 150-200 g, adding to taste a little sour.
With hypertension eat a baked potato with skin.
Potatoes are widely used in folk cosmetics for the preparation of nourishing masks. If you have dry facial skin and sun burns the tubers are boiled together with the skin, rubbed with cream or sour cream. The resulting slurry evenly impose on the person. For normal to oily skin mask helpful from starch. For this, 1 tablespoon of starch (glue) mixed with 1 teaspoon of whipped egg white and put on face for 15-20 minutes. One teaspoon of starch, diluted in 1 teaspoon milk, cream or vegetable oil, has beneficial effects on dry skin.

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