Twelve Signs That You are Out of Shape

Here are twelve humorous signs that you are out of shape.

Feeling a little out of shape?  Do you need conditioning?  Here are twelve signs that you are out of shape:

1.  Rolling out of bed is your extent of daily exercise.

2.  You have a hard time hand wrestling your two year old.

3.  You’ll only lift grocery bags with napkins or paper cups in them.

4.  You do chewing exercises with a thick piece of juicy steak.

5.  You can only do one deep knee bend.  Afterwards, you need two strong men to lift you up.

6.  Jogging around your condo builds up a sweat.

7.  You tried to do fifteen seconds of a Richard Simmons DVD and collapsed on the carpeting.

8.  You do heavy breathing exercises through your straw.

9.  You became short-winded after doing one minute of windmill exercises.

10.Slow dances and fast dances are all the same to you since you can only dance at a snail’s pace.

11.You pump up your muscles with a bicycle pump.

12.You go out and buy an exercise video game called We Fat.

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  1. I’m very out of shape. Stumbled.

  2. You wrote a very funny post. How about adding this one. You and your wife used to take a bath together and now you only have to put in an inch of water to fill the tub. :)

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