Two Exercises to Give Men More Muscles

Here are two great exercises that if you do them faithfully you’ll have a great set of muscles.


To get ready:

Putting feet hip width apart with slightly bent knees, standing up.

On a barbell, take an underhand grip making sure your grip is shoulder width or wider apart.

Make sure to tighten your abs and draw your shoulders back.

Bring your elbow rearward. While bending them, while moving the barbell bring it to the front of your body and pull it up to the top of the abdomen. (The way your body is designed you should not be able to go higher.) Now stop for a minute, when you come to this point, for a peak contraction, squeeze your biceps. Lower barbell back to the starting position by lowering the bar alorally allow your back to arch, with ang your body slowly.


If you want to improve your size and strength, you have to activate your muscle fibers and the more you activate the more strength you get these muscles.

You get the muscles by greater range of motion. On a decline bench, lay face up, underneath the pads, hook your feet with them being flexed. Naturally, allow your back to arch. With a hand grip shoulder width over hand grip hold the barbell over your chest, Make sure your arms are perpendicular to the ground.

Lower the barbells backwards over your head keeping your arms straight.

Don’t allow your back to arch. Keeping abs tight.

When maximum depth is reachethe move and go back to starting position.d, pull the barbell all the way through by reversing

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