Walk After Dinner

Benefits of walking after dinner.

Walking is considered as the best exercise by many health experts as walking is very easy on the joints and also burns more amount of fat compared to running which also causes to lose muscles from the body.

When talking about dinner in comparison to breakfast and lunch it should be light on stomach and should not include spicy dishes that cause gastric problems and acidity. Dinner should consist of food items easily digestible by our body and helps in a peaceful sleep.

Metabolism of our body is very slow during night as our body is not active compared to day time and thus may need an external boost to increase the metabolism rate. A slow walk after dinner will allow the metabolism rate to continue its pace and also help in easy digestion of the food. Running is never a good idea at night as it may hinder the digestion of our dinner but a walk after dinner benefits our body metabolism and digestion of food.

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  1. A good article I love haveing a good walk, after food.

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