Want to Become a Runner?

Do you want to get fit? Have more energy? Drop a dress size or just lose some pounds for the summer? Read on to find out how…

Very few people see themselves as runners. It always starts as a great idea to get into shape fast and then gets put on the backburner after the first attempt. Here’s why you should go out and get running and the know how to do it.

Can I go for a run?

Before beginning any new exercise regime or routine, you should always seek the advice of your health professional or doctor. Generally, if you’re not heavily overweight or underweight and have no illnesses or injuries preventing you from taking part in sport… you can. Remember to stop any fitness regime immediately if you feel faint, dizzy or unwell.

What will I need?

You will need a pair of well fitted trainers, some shorts and a t-shirt. It’s that simple. That’s also why running is one of the most popular sports – it takes very little initial outlay to begin. When you get more experienced you’ll begin to wonder what the terms over-pronator and sweat wicking mean… but until then ignore all the know-it-all’s around you and go for whatever feels comfortable.

Remember the trainers are the most important thing, they want to be cushioned and supportive or your ankles will let you know. As for your running tights, shorts or t-shirt; just make sure they’re comfortable and won’t rub.

Should I do it on my own or rope a friend into it?

It depends on your will power. If you can get outside and go for a run without needing to be physically prodded out of the house, then going on your own is fine. If you need someone to drag you outside bodily for any sort of exercise, then find a supportive friend. If you have enough breath left on your circuit… you can even have a conversation!

What should I be looking to achieve if I’ve never run before?

Not a lot, so don’t panic! The beginning of any new physical activity is the hardest part by far. Your body isn’t used to working its lungs and heart so hard and it will let you know about it in no uncertain terms. Yes, you will get a red face, you will sweat and you will feel your lungs burning. This doesn’t last. A couple of weeks into your routine and you’ll already notice an improvement – each and every successive run will get gradually easier until you’re running around the block able without even breathing hard. No one starts off by just floating around the park running at warp speed. You have to be prepared to suffer a little bit at first. The first few weeks will see you with sore calves and stiff muscles, because they just aren’t used to being used in this way. So what’s the good news? The stiffness and soreness doesn’t last. Anyway, life is all about suffering and it will stand you in good stead when you have to run for the bus next time.

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  1. great post thanks for share

  2. Good advice

  3. A very good program for building up your runs. Well done.

  4. Good tips! I’m determined to start running in the summer – having said that, I’ve been determined to do this for a couple of years now and haven’t got around to it – but I WILL do it this year!

  5. I got to get some exercise now! That’s a really good exercise plan. Thanks for sharing this well thought article anndavey650, I really enjoyed reading it!

  6. Very good advice for a healthier body.

  7. Good advice – I’ve never been one for running, but one day I might just take up a Marathon challenge and these tips will come in handy.

  8. great one…

  9. Good advice Ann – now the missus has got rid of my bike, I need something else to keep me fit

  10. great advice….
    that really help in daily life…

  11. nice post

  12. Good advice Ann. Easing into running makes it easier on your joints too. Sore muscles ease after a while. Sore joints could indicate damage. Great article.

  13. great post thanks for share

  14. I noted down the tips on how to get started. Maybe you can supply the source of this tip? Was it used by well-known runners?

  15. the steady buildup in the running routine is crucial. i made a mistake of trying to run miles without enough experience and just set myself back by hurting my knee.

  16. Worth to be tried I think

  17. VEry nice advice :) I think being an athlete isn’t in my blood! :D

  18. Good exercise is good for the body and mind.


    free running shoes!

  20. You’ll need to breathe through your mouth AND nose when running?????????????

  21. Well written and detailed article. I need to get wogging right away. The cold, snowy winter has left me with extra padding, and it might be fun learning to run again.

  22. well informed great work

  23. I like this one great info

  24. Very well explained..I got a shock when I read that you need to breathe both through your mouth and nose while running because generally they say you should breathe only through your mouth! Thanks for such a wonderful guide on running.

  25. Some very useful advice on how to keep oneself healthy when running, especially in regards to how to breathe properly when running. Thank you for sharing.

  26. I tried it b4 but didn’t last for two weeks. Maybe i shld rope someone in and give it another shot.

  27. very good tips for running, well done.
    I walk a lot actually…. and I’m already a runner…. run to catch the mrt, lol.

  28. running is the best way to go fit,, it is more better than we consume some medicine or anything.
    good article friend.

  29. You made running sound great! I think I might take it up. First my mom would want me to see my cardiologist to see if I am in well enough shape with my heart to do it.

  30. Great tips. Good work.

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  35. Yes, I want to be a runner. Now I’m a walker. :)

  36. Good information for those planning to run regularly for a physical exercise. If will help them to get started.

  37. I used to jog, almost a decade ago. I stopped because of a knee injury. When I resumed, I can’t even last 30 minutes continuous running…:-) I miss running.

  38. i’m also a part of the 101010 run for pasig river here in the Philippines that made it guiness world record!

  39. Wowee jedpogi… congrats! You won’t be needing this info then lol.

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  41. nice advice…I wanna start jogging with my new shoes..heheh

  42. Great advice. I’d love to run but I’m so unfit I’d probably only magnage 100m!

  43. bah.. i have been lazy. Stopped my morning runs. :(

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  45. when I first started running, I couldn’t go very far. Now, I can a mile without having my lungs collapsed LOL

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