Weight Lifting is Good for Health

Eight Advantages of the practice of Bodybuilding.

Currently the gym is sought for several reasons and is recommended by doctors as an effective exercise and that is good for health.

Never forget to always have an expert to guide you to perform your workout plan.

Meet some of your benefits:

1 – Prevents osteoporosis: strength training produces stimuli that trigger chemical reactions on the bones. These reactions cause the skeleton to better absorb calcium, contributing to good bone mass.

2 – Increases lean body mass: the practice of bodybuilding, the so-called lean body mass (muscle tissue) increases, as the fat decreases, since this is the source of energy for the exercises;

3 – Helps you lose weight: it is the time when the concept of fitness was only to be muscled. It also helps burn the fats that are more in the body. A beginner can spend about 300 kcal / hour at the gym;

4 – Anti-sagging: bodybuilding muscle groups work separately through contractions and stretching of muscle fibers. The muscles receive more nutrients and the muscles will be invigorated as well as the muscle fibers become thicker;

5 – Improves posture: with the practice of weight training, the individual tones back muscles and can get the correct posture;

6 – Prevents muscle injury: because the exercises are done in sets, the risk of injury is minimal;

7 – Lowers cholesterol levels: the weight helps lower cholesterol because of the expense of energy. This is because the practice of exercise helps to increase the caliber of the arteries;

8 – Model: how the bodybuilding cause micro tears in muscles, muscle tissue provides a stimulus for small biochemical reactions to take place and repair them and thus the muscles are gains new ways, more defined.

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