What Exercise Routines Will Help Me Grow Taller Naturally?

There are numerous factors which decide how tall a person is when he or she has reached the adult age. Genetic predisposition, hormonal activity and surroundings are some examples. Besides heredity and hormonal activity, the quality and quantity of nutrition a person receives during the growth phase also matters a lot. The majority of people attain their tallest height in their mid 20’s and grow the fastest during a quick surge of growth in their pubescent years.

A lot of people are under the impression that they can not grow after puberty but that is not true. The best exercises to get taller work on people regardless of how old they are although growth in older individuals is slower. Surgical procedures for height extension are very expensive and risky and there is no use of taking those magical pills available in the market as they are merely a combination of minerals and vitamins. Putting together a program that consists of the best exercises to get taller could raise people’s height in a natural and holistic fashion. In this article we are about to look at some of the best exercises to get taller and put them together in a comprehensive program to increase height.

Let’s start by considering an overall picture of what physical exercises are the best exercises to get taller. The kind of exercises that are helpful in gaining height include the basic stretching workouts. Some of the basic stretching physical exercises such as the Cobra stretch, Cat stretch, lower limb stretches and The Bow Down are incorporated under the best exercises to get taller. We’ll look at how to do each one now.

Exercise 1 – The Cobra

The first exercise which we are about to talk about is the Cobra stretch. Lie down on the floor with your face facing downwards while your hands are placed flat at the shoulder level on either sides. Now slowly raise your upper body such that your spine is arched backwards. Do three sets of ten repetitions, each repetition lasting 10-30 seconds.

Exercise 2 – The Cat Stretch

Now let us move on to the second exercise, Cat stretch. Get down on your hands and knees. Place your knee directly below your hips while your hands are below the shoulders. While inhaling deeply, flex your spine downwards and lift your head. Blow out as the spine is brought into an arched position and the head moved down. Perform three sets of ten repetitions with every repetition from 5-10 seconds long.

Exercise 3 – The Basic Leg Stretch

Leg stretching physical exercises might help to lengthen your legs. Spread your legs wide while sitting on the floor. Now try to touch the toes of your right leg using your right hand and then repeat the stretch on the left side. Stretch as far as you can keeping your knees and back straight. Three sets of ten repetitions, each repetition lasting 5-15 seconds.

Exercise 4 – The Bow Down

The back can be lengthened and strengthened with the Bow Down. Stand straight with the hands on the hips. Slowly bend to the fore keeping the knees straight and the chin up. Hold for 5-10 seconds and come back to the original position. Do three sets of ten repetitions everyday.

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