Which Sport is Right for Me

Swimming, cycling, Nordic walking, gymnastics or maybe aqua fitness? Find out with our tips, which sport is suited best for you.

Swimming The ideal sport for people with joint problems

Down with the pounds – and stay out! To lose weight and maintain its new weight, doctors advise to take more exercise. Who’s favorite sport has not found yet, the entry is often difficult. We’ll help you find the right sport. The Munich-based internist and sports medicine and Olympic Dr. Karl Heinz Zeilberger also explains what to look at the five Nordic Walking, cycling, swimming, aerobics and aqua fitness.

The calories burned per hour is given for normal to slightly over-weighted people, and can vary significantly depending on exercise intensity. “But you do not like to train for an hour, meet at first smaller units,” says Zeilberger. “Would be ideal if you drive two or three times a week, possibly two days respite in between.” This seems a lot, but it is medically appropriate, “Three times a week builds muscle strength and performance, twice gets a week to your current level of performance, “said Zeilberger. That sounds like a lot? Do not get discouraged! First, doing every minute in which you move, your body well. And secondly, is – if you have only started again – the joy of movement most of all by himself. If you start from scratch with sports, you can be medically examined before the first practice to make sure that there is nothing. Find out what sport best suits you:

Nordic Walking

Who is suitable: This sport can exercise almost every person. Unlike jogging is not much need basic fitness and even people with a greater propensity for obesity or joint problems can often Nordic walking. Through the sticks to take arms and shoulders more weight to relieve the musculoskeletal system. And Nordic Walking burns 350 to 450 kg calories per hour more calories than you might think!

Then watch out for: The pole length is correct, if you – the forearms flexed at a 90 degree angle – which may include handles well. Seek advice from a professional. Depending on the slope of the terrain, you can control the intensity of the workout well. At a ground covering stride that counts!

Tips for Beginners: Beginners should look for good shoes and learn the proper technique in a course as possible. Select the entry for some shorter poles, at best a model in which one can adjust length and tips. Dr. Zeilberger, “A low rate of seduced to have a chat. But who talks more than is assumed does not necessarily. “

Who is suitable for: cycling, people of all ages, even with joint pain and obesity, because sitting on the bike must not carry his weight. The sport can be optimally integrated into everyday life. Speed ​​and distance they may very well be adapted to your individual level of proficiency. Calories: 500 to 800 kilocalories per hour.

Make sure you should: bike fit and saddle need – and buy yourself a bicycle helmet on every case, he may save your life in a fall! Since the spine and trunk muscles in cycling are not burdened, sports medicine Zeilberger recommends strengthening exercises for balance.

Tips for Beginners: Who has long since been on a bike make sure to practice a little-used route only slightly, to regain their balance on two wheels. Do not overreach and you start with shorter distances.

For whom appropriate: Just backstroke is very suitable for people with spinal disorders. The buoyancy of the water sports for people with obesity or joint problems is recommended. At a brisk pace, the body burns 500-700 calories per hour.

Be careful, you should: Technology is the alpha and omega! Wrong breaststroke overloaded with water stretched from the head and legs hanging down the neck. The tank should be as long, so you really come to swim and not have to constantly turn. Do not be put off by the cool temperature in the swimming pool: After just a few tracks you will seem pleasant.

Tips for beginners: in almost all public swimming pools are offered swimming lessons, where you can usually learn in a few hours, the correct chest, back and front crawl technique. Sports medicine Zeilberger: “To lose weight, they really need to swim fast. With regular exercise, progress is well seen from the tracks that you create per unit of time. The motivated! “

Who is suitable for: Gymnastics is the ideal sport for those who enjoy music and movement in the group. You can exercise your entire body, especially to train agility and coordination, playful and varied. To strengthen large muscle groups and cardiovascular system. But beware: People can with greater obesity or joint problems can easily overwhelm. For them, Aqua fitness is a good alternative (see below). Calorie consumption: depending on the exercise 300-700 calories per hour.

Make sure you should: sports clubs, fitness centers, but also many community colleges offer courses and some employers. If you want to stay fit at home, it is advisable to purchase a video, where the exercises are well explained.

Tips for Beginners: With music makes exercise more fun – but you can also easily overwhelmed. Recommended for beginners are just sports-health courses. Zeilberger: “There are about 8,000 nationwide sports clubs, with the seal of health” have been awarded Sport for Health “of the German Olympic Sports Federation. You are in good hands. “

For whom appropriate: not for nothing Aqua fitness is also used in the rehabilitation area: the sport is very easy on the joints and for people of all ages – even if you are overweight. For skin diseases or allergies, the chlorinated water, however, can be counter-productive. The buoyancy of water relieves the loco motor apparatus. The water resistance workout yet effective strength and endurance. Depending on the speed you need for movements in the water, spend four to twelve times the power! With water aerobics you burn about 300 calories per hour, an aqua-jogging about 600 kilocalories per hour.

You should be careful: People with high blood pressure or heart rhythm disturbances should first ask their doctor whether Aqua Fitness is suitable for them. Stamina you train more effectively with aqua jogging.

Tips for beginners: Start your workout in shallow water, which requires less in the beginning balance and coordination. Warm water acts as a muscle relaxant.

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