Yoga: Not for Children

Yoga is a wonderful practice that keeps our mind and body healthy, but it is not for kids below 13.

Yoga: Not for children

© 2010 Dr.P.Elayaraja

Yoga, this term has become a fashion now a days. Yoga is taught even to the nursery kids. According to the ancient yoga manuscripts, adults, elderly people, sick and the weak person can practice yoga for a healthy life. The ancient literature does not recommend yoga for individuals who have not reached the adolescent stage.

There is a reason for forbidding the children from yoga practices. According to human anatomy, a child at birth has more than 300 bones in their body. Some of these 300 bones fuse together during the growth of a child to become 206 bones in total.


Performing yoga at an early age may lead to malformations of the skeletal system. Bone fractures are common in children due to the tenderness of the bones.


There are 400 different muscles, which are connected to the 206 bones. When a child attains adolescent, certain bone become stronger and therefore is fit to practice yoga. Therefore, the appropriate age to begin yoga is 13 years.




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© 2010 Dr.P.Elayaraja

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  1. gud info

  2. wow, nice poses, I have ever learnt Hatha yoga, but not that advance yet!

  3. Another fine post Doc yoga, and me don’t work, but I do my best to keep a good muscle structure…. to help my Arthritic joints and mind my weight to, cheers, Doc

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  8. Very informative. Why children should be tortured in the name of Yoga is indeed beyond comprehension.

  9. Freaky pictures, fish should not do yoga either, but cats are naturals.

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  17. Yoga is always beneficial for all. Thanks for sharing your knowledge.

  18. I thought yoga is good for everyone. Good to know about the bones fusing.

  19. sensible article………….

  20. I remember doing surya namaskars from the age of 10 after seeing my Dad doing it. I may not be a fan of many of the difficult postures or may not have attempted either but i advice everyone to practice surya namaskar as an overall body workout. Nice Post!

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  24. Hmm, I didn’t know that! See, you can learn something every day! :)
    And it would definately be good for yoga-practicing parents to know this!

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