Zumba The New Fun Exercise

Zumba is a new exercise that has hit the states with a big bang. It’s fun to do and it eliminates boredom from an exercise program. Zumba is the most popular exercise of the century. Millions of homes have the DVD and are having fun exercising. Zumba is in 110 countries with a over 10 million followers. It’s an enjoyable way to get in shape.

Zumba the New Fun Exercise

Zumba is the most popular exercise in years. It has become the biggest dance, exercise craze of the century and folks from coast to coast are talking about the high energy dance called Zumba. Everyone loves Zumba and gyms that would never have given it a second thought a few years ago are hiring Zumba instructors. It has become the bread and butter of health clubs and studios. Many say they don’t think of it as exercise, but rather a dance party. It’s easy to get hooked, it’s fun and you get a real workout.

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The origin of Zumba is legend. In the 90s, fitness instructor Beto Perez who lived in Columbia couldn’t find the tape for his traditional aerobic class and substituted a tape of his favorite salsa and merengue songs. It became his most popular class. Perez later moved to Miami and linked up to other entrepreneurs. The Zumba was on it’s way. Today millions of homes have Zumba workout DVDs. Curves, known for it’s 30 minute work outs partnered with Zumba Fitness to make a revised version of it’s program with modified Zumba moves led my Zumba instructors.

The upside for consumers is frequent and affordable classes. Instructors put in the personal touch. There’s “Zumba Toning” for those seeking more toning. “Zumbatomic” for kids and “Zumba Gold” for older adults.

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A Zumba class may include salsa, hip hop, belly dancing or cumbia depending on the instructor. The common theme is, it’s easy, it’s fun. No move is the wrong move in Zumba. It’s a dance and a workout. It is never boring. Those who do the Zumba say it’s satisfying and addictive.

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  2. I liked your article. I do Zumba at Curves but our instructor does not look like that. Ours is an overweight young women that has used Zumba for a year to lose a lot of weight. She makes class fun and not intimidating.

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