10 Facts About Alcohol

A quick guide that will give you 10 facts on Alcohol.

Most of us have drunk Alcohol in our lifetime. However do we really know the facts about Alcohol? Here are some quick facts about Alcohol:

1. Alcohol is a drug which has depressant effects.

2. The reason why you wake up with a hangover sometimes after you have been drinking is because, Alcohol shrinks the brain, which in turn causes dehydration.

3. At least 30,000 people in the UK die of alcohol related problems every year. What is more shocking is this is up to 10 times higher than the amount of people killed on the UKs roads every year.

4. 2 billion people around the world drink Alcohol.

5. Out of those 2 billion, at least 70 million have related problems like dependence or excessive drinking.

6. Higher consumption of Alcohol is found in Europe, Africa and America. It is low in areas where the main population are Muslim.

7. Drinking a glass of wine has the same calorie content as a slice of cake, and a pint of lager is the same as a burger. Therefore if you drink after going to the gym or a workout you might not have bothered going in the first place, as it will cancel out any gain.

8. One in five men have a drinking problem.

9. According to a study, out of 1000 women, 29 of those are dependent on Alcohol.

10. There is a such thing as Holiday Heart Syndrome. When on holiday some people binge for the time they are away, which the body may not be used to. It can cause a sudden, irregular heart beat. This can result in a heart attack or even death. This can happen to normal, healthy people.

I hope these facts have interested you, they certainly did me. I think sometimes we are a little bit naive when it comes to Alcohol, either because we haven’t been taught or because we do not think it is a risk. I would be interested to hear your opinions on these facts and about Alcohol in general. 

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  1. Ugh. I gave up drinking. It lost it’s appeal when I became of age. Lol.

  2. Good one Emmie… Yes..Alcohol ruins peoples’ life.

  3. It sounds dangerous in some cases, thanks for the good share.

  4. I decided to stop drinking the day i saw my dad pass away due to liver cyrosis..
    Nice article…

  5. The social killer – that’s the name for alcohol. Great share!

  6. I drink a little red wine and that’s it for me. I hate to be with people who are drinking and avoid it if I can.

  7. I’ve given up drinking today,right now as a matter of fact

  8. You continue to keep up your good work Emmie.
    I really appreciate this article ‘coz you come from a country that I believe has more drinking issues than the east.

    Here in India drinking is almost a taboo and there might not be more than one in a thousand families where drinking may be accepted.

    In the west however, drinking is just ‘Drinking’. Right? Just ‘Drinking’.

    Come on I watch Cricket matches and very well know what is contained in those cans…

    Lemme know what you think about this comment.

  9. This is very interesting indeed. Nice writing :)

  10. I feel sorry for you. When i was young, my grandpa almost died of cancer because he drank so much.

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