10 Medicinal Uses of Nutmeg

Nutmeg is widely used in many recipes for flavor in cuisines. It has many medicinal uses if used moderately. You can find some of them below:


1. Nutmeg contains several antioxidants; eugenol is one phytonutrient among such, which inhibits platelet aggregation. Hence nutmeg is considered as a powerful heart tonic. It also enhances the blood circulation.
2. Nutmeg powder treats insomnia and enhances libido when taken with milk.


3. Apply the paste of nutmeg to feet for healing cracks. Nutmeg oil is good for all types of muscle and joint pains.
4. Take apple juice with nutmeg powder to get relief from diarrhea.


5. Indian gooseberry juice if taken with nutmeg powder helps in treating depression and hypertension.
6. Boil sesame oil by adding some pieces of nutmeg on low flame till the oil turns brown.  Cool and strain it. Rub this oil to get relief from joint pains, headache and sciatic pains.


7. Make paste with equal amounts of nutmeg powder and sandalwood powder. Apply this paste to treat acne. Nutmeg also helps in reducing several skin diseases.
8. Nutmeg contains limonene which helps in preventing some types of cancers.


9. Make a facemask using some milk and nutmeg powder. Apply this to the face to treat blackheads.
10. Nutmeg stimulates nervous system and helps in relieving stress. So take nutmeg powder in small quantity for boosting the activity of brain

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  3. There are many health benefits of nutmeg…directing you to healthmad.

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  6. Nutmeg is also good for reducing gas within the bowels.

    However, overdosing on nutmeg is also quite toxic. 5-15 grams of nutmeg can produce symptoms similar to amphetamines. These symptoms include euphoria, visual distortions, and hallucinations in higher doses.

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  18. Very nice list. The hypertension one I knew. My Dad has high BP but he doesn’t want to take the pills his doc gave him. He keeping his BP a the right level with fresh ground nutmeg taken on his hot chocolate a few times a week. It’s impressive.

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