10 Reasons to Buy an Exercise Twist Board

Here are 10 reasons why you will want to add this amazing little piece of exercise equipment to your home gym.

An exercise twist board is a circular rotating device that you stand upon and twist. It’s smooth action helps you to whittle away at your waist, firm your behind, slim your hips, and tone your thighs. If you haven’t considered a twist board, or didn’t even know what one was, here are a few reasons it would make a great addition to your home gym:

  1. Price. Few pieces of exercise equipment deliver a great aerobic workout for less than $20.

  2. Size. The circular platform is just large enough to place your feet on, so storage is easy even in the most cramped spaces.

  3. Portable. You may not be able to take your heavy stair stepper with you on a trip, but you can slip the twist board into your bag and still keep up with your exercise routine.

  4. It’s fun and easy to do. Just step onto the platform and begin twisting! Great while watching television or listening to music. Perfect both for beginners and exercise enthusiasts.

  5. Tired of sit-ups and crunches? A twist board targets your abdominal muscles in a comfortable standing position. Regular use can help you achieve the waistline you had years ago!

  6. Low impact. For those with physical limitations, a twist board will enable you to still be active and get a great workout, all while sparing your joints.

  7. Work out your top too. Add several hand weights to make the workout even more effective. Some twist boards even come with built-in resistance bands so that you can tone the arms and exercise the whole body.

  8. Weight loss. In order to drop the pounds, you need to do more than just cut calories. Exercising on the twist board is an easy and fun way to burn more calories so you can see the pounds melt away. Aim for 20-30 minutes at least three times a week, but start slowly.

  9. Variety. Spice up your tired routine with even 10 or 15 minutes on the board. For example, you might use it between your floor exercises and the treadmill or exercise bike.

  10. Strengthen back muscles. Exercising on the twist board has an added benefit of targeting muscles in the lower back. Always check with your physician before starting any new exercise routine, especially if you have had a back injury in the past.

So, why not get twisting for better fitness, weight loss and tone. Two very affordable picks are the Bally Twist Board and the Everlast Twist Board, which can both be found online. You don’t have anything to lose, but a few extra pounds and inches!

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  1. Have you chosen the wrong video? Where is the twist board? You may take a look at this:

  2. Hi Uma, I posted a related video (i.e. working out the abs). Actually, there is a Bally twist board video on Youtube I would have loved to have used, but couldn’t for modesty reasons. Thanks for commenting…that board looks interesting, too.

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