10 Things That Keep You Awake and Energized

Here is a list of 10 things that keep you awake and energized. Some natural and some unnatural.

  1. Coffee

    Coffee is what most people use to stay awake in the morning. If you do not like the taste, there are many other things out there for you. Downside to coffee is that it makes you have to go to the bathroom a lot.

  2. Energy Drinks

    Energy drinks are another way that you can stay awake with. These taste great and have high caffeine to keep you going. Downside to energy drinks is that they are not good for you and once they were off you crash and feel more tired then before.

  3. Energy Pills

    There are also energy pills. Though I would not suggest these at all. They can be habit forming. Most of them are used for weight loss and contain ephedrine which is horrible for your heart. If you want to stay awake, try to avoid these.

  4. Five Hour Energy

    This is the best unnatural way to stay awake. This is made out of pure vitamins and only has as much caffeine as a cup of coffee. This will keep you up and going for 5 or more hours. The best part about it is that there is no crash afterwards so you wont feel horrible after it wears off.

  5. Energy Strips

    These look like ordinary breath strips, but there not. They are supposed to give you energy but when I took them they really didn’t do to much. Don’t waste your time on these there are many better things out there that work.

  6. Exercise

    Now on to the natural stuff. If you are in good shape and exercise regularly you will feel better everyday. Try to mix up your routines and get a lot of cardio and stretching in. Doing this when you feel tired will also work. It gets your heart pumping and body going.

  7. Good night sleep the night before

    Kind of obvious. If you get a good night sleep before you will feel nice and awake the next day. But don’t get to much sleep cause that will make you feel tired.

  8. Good Nutrition

    Having a well balanced diet will help you feel better and more energized during the day. Keep everything in moderation and always follow the food pyramid guidelines. Never miss breakfast. This is the most important meal of the day and will pretty much decide if your going to feel good and awake all day.

  9. Have something to do

    If you are not bored and have something to do you will not have the urge to fall asleep.

  10. If tired do not get comfortable

    Never lay down and say “oh, I’m not that tired I’ll just lay down for a little and not fall asleep”… you will

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  1. #10 is so true. im just “resting” my eyes lol

  2. hahaha were trying to stay up and pull and all nighter (just for fun) and we are haveing trouble and its now only 6:57 and we have already drank are weight in coffee and energy drinks and have ran around like crazzy so what now??


  4. I li

    very go


  5. its 5:45 n i got my music quite lowd in my headphones on my laptop in bed, really uncomfortable hahah
    i drank like 3 litres of stimulation drink through the day, im sooo bored, and not tired, got school tomora, gonna see if i can stop myself falling asleep in class

  6. hi i am terrible for staying awake

  7. 6:34am now. i am in a stayin up routine but crash at 10am everytime. i cant do that today, its my boyfriends birthday. tried to go to sleep at 2 but it just wasnt happening. so im out of bed, telle on, dressed, window wide open (2 degrees outside), but ive got no coffee! absolutly screwed!

  8. ya same thing here i always crash at 10am im working on this stupid poetry project for school cause i waited till the last minuet o well im doing it and trying to stay awake it would be cool to text some one here text me 8032713142 peace

  9. lol this is happening to me i gotta revise for my A-level exams Maths *in 14days!!!* chemistry and biology but when its 11pmam like dead i wish the coffee will work am gunar try it today xD lol thanks a lot

  10. i cant stay awake and i need to revise.. hmph. good suggestions peeps!


  11. hehe im an insomniac so it dosnt really matter ill force myself 2 stay up :P

  12. i have insomnia so yeah…

  13. lol,, i got a maths test tomorrow.. i havnt done anything on the chapter at all….. dont even know what the chapter is about… i know people say get lotsa sleep and its better than cramming, but is it really better when you have absolutely no idea?

  14. @dsptch


  15. Another thing that will energize you is Dancing! When i wake up i just put on my favorite song and dance around! POOF! automatically awake!

  16. i like poop

  17. hello everyone we are just trying to pull a all nighter for fun but we are sorta failin its 12:30 and we just went running through the snow barefoot to wake us up… i know we have also made 3 music videos on with constumes even. we dont know what to do now but we have coffee in the pot that will hopefully help us… wish us luck!!!!

  18. monkeys keep you awake

  19. Aha I’m going to try the 5 hour energy things. Maybe 2…

  20. Energy drinks are deffinatley not a good idea if your buisy the next day. I spent the night doing a project in for the next day so i had loads of relentless. i managed to do it but i had a lecture the next day and i couldnt focus at all because of the sugar crash i had

  21. All these things are stupid. It will help anyone stay awake. It will only make you gain weight.

  22. hell yeah ive done that before and of corse fell asleep

  23. this was not helpful, there is all energy pills and stuff, iam looking for pills. sorry. but good job. :)

  24. I have to stay awake, because i have to much to do, and cant do it while sleeping. But does eating make you tired also?

  25. strange person

  26. i am tierd its new years eve all i wanna do i sleep but i cant because im staying up for new year and trust me its hard but its ok when alchole is by your side roll on the pink bubbles hehe at the mo im on pink champange around 5.30 pm i was on champange then i went on to pear cider then i went on to malabo and coke and now im TIERD AND IM STILL DRINKING HELP ME STAY AWAKE !!!! BYE im going to eat sweets and pass out on the sofa !

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