10 Unexpected Uses of Papaya Leaves

Here are top 10 examples of what you can do with papaya leaves.

There are a lot of things we can do with papaya leaves; it doesn’t really mean that you have to throw the leaves away when you’re through with the fruit. The leaf contains as much medicinal ability as the fruit itself. This article contains 10 examples of what you can do with papaya leaves.

  1. Dried papaya leaves fully grinded and mixed with honey is a perfect cure to cough and fever
  2. Fresh papaya leaves boiled in hot water is a very strong medicine for malaria
  3. Fresh juice from grinded papaya leaves can be used to heal open wounds and sores
  4. Fresh papaya leaves eaten raw with onions can boost your urine system especially if you’re having an overactive bladder
  5. Juice made from the leaves can be used as a skin cleansing agent
  6. Fresh papaya leaves boiled with sliced pieces of orange can help burn fat and it’s a perfect reduction agent

  7. Fresh papaya leaves eaten raw can boost your ability in bed thereby making you become better at everything in bed
  8. To glasses of tea daily made from the leaves can help reduce menstrual cramps
  9. Juice made from papaya leaves can be used to send away eczema. But scrub face first with soap before applying it.
  10. Lastly, it can be eaten as food especially when fried with an egg


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  1. I love papayas, and have been aware for a very long time of the health benefits of starting your day with a slice of the fruit, but I’ve never seen them on sale with the leaves. Are these sold separately?

  2. No, but however you can plant the fruit, and wait for the leaves to grow before you start using it.

  3. I had dengue fever less than 2 weeks ago and it really felt bad, I couldn’t stand easily cause my leg muscles felt sore. Good thing we learned about the potential cure papaya leaves may bring to this ailment (there’s no harm in trying, right?) so my mother took two fresh leaves of papaya, (good thing I live in a tropical country, the Philippines! and our neighbor has three papaya trees ^_^) crushed them and added a bit of water to encourage the juice to come out and made me drink it. I only did this for two days as my dengue fever has not worsened so if yours is worse, drink the juice as often as you can. As the doctors would tell you, there’s no medical cure for dengue but oh well, I’m fine now and am able to work again. Mind you, it is bitter but since it’s only about 2-3 tablespoons, it’s easy to get over the taste, just drink plenty of water afterwards. :)

  4. well, i must say, this is really interesting, since there is an ouy break of dengue here in trinidad and tobago, people have died, and yet the cure is in most people back yards, i certainly will pass this on and may god bless you david for such wonderful information!

  5. Can i ask a question? Can papaya leaves extract can work as a plant pesticide??cause i\’m working out on a research in our school…so that gardeners and farmers will not spend a lot of money just to by pesticide for plants..

  6. anu ba yan,.,
    puro kaee uten moh bho

  7. my brother in law is drinking papaya leaves extract and i wondering why,,and he told to me that he can sleep will,,when he is starting to drink,,,,and also its good to our skin…

  8. My sons Platlets count is very low.He is only 4 yrs old.Somebody told its good to give him PApaya leaves extract juice.I live in USA.Wondering from where do i get Papaya leaves.Any suggestions?

  9. My sister told me that papaya leaves have health benefits and she said she didn’t know where to get them. It so happened that I have one growing in my backyard and I told her. The only thing is, I was told that my papaya tree is ‘male’ because the flowers are upright. Should the leaves be just effective? And how do you convert this ‘male’ free into a ‘female’ so that it will bear fruits?

  10. #9 Carmel… Male papayas cannot become female and vice-versa.
    Male papayas pollinate the female for it to fruit.
    After eating a papaya, scatter the seeds in your garden,
    and let nature take its course. Soon, you would have a
    forest of male and female papayas to eat and sell.
    #8 Monika… On a weekend, visit a organic farmers’ market.
    Recount to them your predicament and I am sure
    they can provide you with papaya leaves.
    Also, buy a papaya then plant the seeds.

  11. what does papaya leaves contain that heals open wounds?

  12. hey, is it true that the papaya leaves are toxic because it has a alkalic something… just for clarification .. thank you…

  13. wehh… is it true that papaya can cure dengue???

  14. We cannot really prove that papaya leaves extract is the cure for dengue, but when my brother caught dengue for the 2nd time, my mom and I tried to give him the extract. I pounded some leaves, placed it in a thin cloth and squeezed its juice with my bare hands. Do not add water. They say its best when pure. We let him take 2 tablespoons a day, 1 in the morning and 1 in the evening. My brother said it really tastes bitter but just gulping a lot of water or juice will do to flush the taste. We were amazed because his platelet count went up the following day! We continued giving him the extract for another day and he was discharged on the 3rd day.

  15. too late, wasnt able to read this before my cousin passed away becoz of dengue… :(

  16. wat chemical does papaya have to cure cough n fever

  17. yes it is

  18. what’s the source of the info on the medicinal properties of papaya presented above? has it been scientifically proven already?

  19. i sure i will expand this knowledge and discover more about the papa lwaves

  20. can i just ask, what is in papaya leaves extract that help in the rising of the platelet conts,.i need it, oh-so badly. XD i really need yerr help. :( ( THANKS!!

  21. dried of papaya leaves.?

  22. Does production of papaya leaves tea has potential for commercialization both local and export market?

  23. my 12 years old son has leukemia i gave him papaya leaf extrct yes the platelet increase. for how long giving this and does it have side effect with liver

  24. Great information

  25. Omg with a capital G. I live in Africa and we have like 15 papaya trees in our backyard and didnt know anythng until now. This is truly a blessing. Thanx so mch. But i want to knw on the burning of fat. The sliced oranges, are we supposed to boil with the skin or what? And what do we take, the juice or the orange/papaya leaves? This is so nyc thank u and thank u.

  26. what is the phytochemical composition of papaya leaves

  27. AWESOME!plant papaya to save a life!!!!!papaya really helps to increase the platelet count of a dengue patient!!dont worry theres no sugar!??????

  28. amazing! that’s our SIP now. papaya leaves extract to increase platelet count. thank dahil sa mga comment nio nabigyan kmi ng mga idea to make the SIP. dto xa school nmin mayroong papaya plantation dahil napakahalaga ng role ng platelet sa katawan at papaya ang no. one na solution dito.

  29. dear monica papaya leaves can get from asian countries like srilanka, india

  30. Papaya leaf extract can be bought over the internet, and it sure works.

  31. just want to know if the juice of tamarind is good for hepatis c

  32. Carmel,
    Well i have one papaya growing in our backyard.It\\\’s \\\”male\\\” papaya,you won\\\’t get any fruit.So one lady boy show me what to do for the papaya to become a female.I tied a cloth and i tell you what it works.From male to female papaya.Now i have a lot of fruits.Give it a try it does\\\’nt hurt.

  33. its good to have one or two raw papaya leaves in a day it make your skin smooth and glowish ………make ur digestive as well as urinary system to work better

  34. papaya is a misterious fruit…good for lots of remedies. The slaves were the ones that had most of their secrets.

  35. My WBC Hgn and Platelet is critically low. White blood cell count .09; Platelet count 20,000. After blood transfusion now it remains at 29,000. It should be over 124,000. A local ayurvedic doctor tells me to pluck papaya leaves( not the most tender ones and not the next tender ones BUT the third leaf) . Extract its juice by pounding and squeezing the grounded leaves. I am asked to drink the juice, 2 tablespoons though it might irritate the throat. Drink plenty of water.
    I am going to try soon and will inform you all in this comments later. In Sri Lanka here there is plenty of papaya trees.

    Chona Ragama Sri Lanka.

  36. thanks so much. i am glad i got to read this article.

  37. papaya leaves are effective in losing weight too. You must try. Of course with diet…

  38. how does papaya juice kill cancer cells and what dosage is effective?

  39. Hi, i got dengue in 2004 and platelets went back to normal but 10 months later platelets went down to 23,000 then 15,000. Then diagnosed with ITP. Used steroids (Calcort) which worked for a year and a half. Came off steroids and a year later back on steroids as platelets dropped.Repeated pattern on and off steroids over the next 4 years. Last took steroids in 2009. Platelets started dropping in October 2011. By this month May, 2012 platelets dropped to 118,000. Read about papaya leaf extract and took it for a week. Today, one week later, my count is 151,000!! I hope it continues to go up as i do not want to go back on steroids. I believe the papaya leaf is working.

  40. thanks for the info… :)

  41. It really hepled me in my research.

  42. ano po ang name ng ininom mong gamot ??

  43. hi, is this papaya leaves juice cure for vesing trouble

  44. Its quite an age. But am actually trying to come up with an ‘ How-to manual on papaya leaves wait for it in two weeks or so… It will contain all detailed information about its medicinal capabilities and step by step guide. For ur own use. See ya

    Go Here

  46. my child has been a victim of denge III, at first my wife and I were very worry about our siblings, but afriend of my told her about the benifit of papaya leaves, we decided to bring bring papaya leaves inside the hospital( secretly ) about a palm size of it crush and some drops of water I made about atable spoon of juice and have my daughter drink together with juice and 1oo faith, afterward she show sign of recovery with her (platelets and vital signs ) wonder of natureand GOD

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