10 Unknown Uses for Vinegar

Vinegar may taste great in a salad dressing, but it isn’t just used for food.

1. Flea-Be-Gone

 If you add just a tiny bit of vinegar to a pet’s water, it would get rid of their fleas. Make sure you only give a VERY SMALL AMOUNT!

2. Frost-Be-Gone

 Waking up on a winter morning and finding frost on your car’s window can ruin your day. Especially if you have to leave immediately and the frost won’t go away. The night before, make a mixture of three parts vinegar to one part water, and coat the windows with it. In the morning, there won’t be any frost!

3. Wound Healer

 Most people know that if you get stung by a jellyfish, vinegar will ease the pain. Well, if you take a cotton ball and dip it in vinegar, dab it on a bug or mosquito bite. This will stop the itching! Also, if you rub vinegar on your sunburn, you won’t feel any pain.

4. Lint Remover

 Add a half of vinegar to the rinse cycle on your washing machine, and there won’t be any lint on your clothes! Plus, the vinegar can actually help clean out the inside of your washing machine.

5. Quick Way to Make Buttermilk

 Although it may seem odd, but if you add a tablespoon of vinegar to a cup of milk, and then let it stand for 5 minutes, the mixture would now be buttermilk. There is no need to waste extra money on buttermilk now if you have these two ingredients!

6. Easy Cleaner

 Mix together either water and vinegar or vinegar and salt, and scrub stains! The stains will go away faster than soap and water.

7. Weed Remover

 Spray vinegar on unwanted grass or weeds, and they will die of starvation!

8. Pets Away

 Do you find that your pet dog or cat is sleeping in your bed, or going into rooms it should not go into? Sprinkle vinegar in the area (if you do not want your room sprinkled with vinegar, just do the doorway), and your pet will not go into that area!

9. Clear Away the Rust

 If you soak anything rusty in vinegar overnight, the rust will be gone!

10. Hiccup Killer

 Although it may seem gross, swallow one tablespoon of vinegar if you have the hiccups. The hiccups would instantly go away!

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