10 Ways to Draw Out Splinters

Splinters can be painful and annoying and difficult to get out. However, here you will find 10 ways to easily and painlessly draw out a splinter.

At some point in your life, you will have had that nasty sensation of feeling a sharp stab in your finger or hand and after studying the area for a while, you conclude you have a tiny, but deep splinter. Often how it got there is a mystery but no matter how much probing, digging with a pin or squeezing, the splinter is not for shifting. Here are ten tips to painlessly drawing out the splinter: 

1.    Honey 

Clean the area thoroughly and then apply honey over where the splinter is and bandage. Check the bandage every couple of hours, adding a little more honey and the splinter should be drawn out and stuck in the honey. Honey also has antibacterial properties and will prevent the site from becoming infected.

2.  Fatty Bacon

Place a piece of fatty bacon over the area and tape or bandage in place and the fat will drawn out the splinter, then just wash the area thoroughly. A variation on this is to cover the fat with salt and do the same. Salt has anti-septic properties and will help heal the splinter site as well.

3.  Egg Shell

Take an egg and crack it open and empty the white and yolk into a bowl (you can use for an omelette later). Break off a section of the shell and place it wet (inside) face down on the splinter. Leave for a few moments and the splinter will work itself out onto the shell.

4.  Glue

Put a small drop of glue (child friendly glue) on to the area, leave to dry and then peel off and the splinter will come out being stuck to the glue.

5. Castor Oil

Rub a small amount of castor oil on the area, cover with a plaster and leave overnight and then in the morning the castor oil will have caused the splinter to either come right out or have moved closer to the surface so you can easily remove it with tweezers.

6. Soap 

Wet a bar of soap and then take a needle and press the sharp end into the bar of soap, then take the needle and rub it across the area where the splinter has gone in but in the opposite direction to the splinter entry, as though you are trying to work the splinter out. The soap will enter the tiny hole and then squeeze gently and the splinter should come out easily.

7.  Hydrogen Peroxide

Applying a small amount of peroxide to the area will cause the splinter to be pushed out, but be careful as peroxide can be an irritant and toxic in cases.

8.  Bread

Take a small chunk of bread and hold in place over the splinter with a band aid. Leave for a few hours and the splinter will be drawn out into the bread. A variation on this is soaking the bread in milk first and then applying to splinter.

9. Laundry Detergent

Take a small amount of washing machine powder, add a little water and make a thick paste. Apply this to the splinter area and allow to dry and the detergent will cause the splinter to be drawn out.

10. Potato Take a small chunk of raw potato and hold over splinter for around 10 minutes and the potato will draw out the splinter or at least bring it closer to the surface so it can be taken out with tweezers

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