10 Ways to Fall Asleep Faster

Do you find your self awake in your bed for hours just trying to go to sleep? Try these methods. Your bound to find one that works.

  1. Put a little honey in a glass of milk and put it in the microwave for a few seconds.
  2. Put on a TV or radio. The sound will make it easier to sleep.
  3. Drink alcohol. This works for pretty much everyone.
  4. Sleep Medication. There are many medications that will help you fall asleep.
  5. Turn a fan on beside you when you fall asleep.
  6. Don’t eat or drink that much before bed time. Food may energize you.
  7. Don’t take naps during the daytime.
  8. Don’t drink much caffeine. That can keep you up for a long while.
  9. Count sheep or count backwards. It may be old but it will keep your mind off of worries.
  10. Picture a black surrounding when you close your eyes and focus on nothing but that.
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  1. Some of the suggestions are good but: drinking alcohol is not. Yes, it will help you fall asleep faster but it disturbs your sleep and can lead to increased sleep apnea and addiction.
    Other suggestions to help promote sleep are: take a hot shower or bath just before getting into bed (the cooling of your body promotes sleep), do not exercise just before going to bed, set up a prebedtime routine, make sure that the bedroom is dark and quiet (no TV), do not stay in bed for more than 20 – 30 minutes trying to fall asleep…get up and go to another room and read an unexcitng book than return to bed when you are sleepy, DO NOT watch the clock.

  2. i think that some of your facts are right, and some are wrong. Yes, drinking alcohol is bad. Also some ways to fall asleep is taking a hot shower or bath before bed, and when you are laying in bed on your back, squeeze all the mucles on your body, and then, start at your feet, make them heavy, then go to your chins, then go to your knees, etc. Also another thing is, looking at the clock in not right and will keep you up longer. Before you get into bed make sure you haven’t watched tv, in 30min or been on the computer, cause the light affects your brain, and confuses it and makes it think it is sunny, and that it isn’t even close to go to bed yet. Then get into bed and close your eyes.

  3. no tv or computer around bedtime.

  4. I really usually dnt have a hard time sleeping but lately I have had a lot of strees and my parents getting on my back (I’m only 18) I just need a few ways to clear my mind and go to sleep easier

  5. whats wrong wit u?!! Drinking alcohol to fall asleep! you can get in trouble without even knowing it, trouble such as, getting laid!! r u a drunk? oh well most of the rest are good though, ill give u that much credit.


  7. I think that they all are good besides thte pills and alcohal
    Most of the pills are addictive
    and alcohal gives you a hang-over so skip those, and done yell at the persons who made it its not his fault hes a drunk!!!!!! Just kidding

  8. i take mellitonin and some nights i still can’t sleep what should i do?? can someone help me?

  9. Ok like it or not alcohol does make you tired tho it is not advised since it may cause addiction and other health issues…

    There are some sleeping pills out there that are not addictive…

    TV and Radio may be disturbances but if you have a lot of stress it gets your mind off your worries and helps you fall asleep…

  10. I lay in my bed pretty much all day and use the computer and tv. (Beside each other) They don’t seem to disrupt anything at all when i click ‘em off and turn over to sleep.

    And to the person who was talking about hangovers.. What the hell is a hangover? I can down a 40 of JD’s a night and wake up fine the next day. The key; Drink lots of friggin water, It helps clean out the system.

  11. I lover these i am going to try it and see if it works. mabe not the achohol thing cause i am only 11. : )

  12. tv helps me fall asleep. i turn it onto a boring channel so i don’t get distracted by it. i can’t sleep when it is completely silent and my fan is soundless

  13. None of these suggestions really worked for me. i decided to try them all together. i turned on my t.v., my computer, a fan, a night light, and my music. then i microwaved honey in milk. next, i spiked it with good rum, and drank it down with some tylenol PMs. i managed to find my bed before i was totally drunk, and i started visualize myself counting backwards in a completely dark room. within 10 minutes, i was knocked out and i didn’t wake up until 2 days after that. I felt fully energized and awake due to the 40 straight hours i slept (i normally sleep for 6hrs)

  14. i have a bipolar disorder n one of the 1st signs of a new episode is being unable to shut off. i am on ‘hypnotics’ but, the don’t seem to help. so i usually stay up the whole night n sleep in the mornings but, now i find it difficult to sleep in the mornings as well; see, i feel really sleepy but i can’t relax enough to sleep (in the mornings). as u can imagine it is a bit frightening. could someone out there pls be kind enough to help me?

  15. Quit yelling at the guy about alchohol. He did not say get drunk. He just said drink some. And pills work, so quit yelling at him about that 2. He was just giving his honest opnion

  16. What I like about watching t.v. before bed is that it gets your eyelids heavy, and so does reading a book. Those are some good suggestions, especially if you feel tired, and can’t sleep. Also, go for a run or walk after dinner. That way, your muscles are a little worn by the time you hit the bed, and you’ll wake up feeling a bit more revived mentally and physically. Those endorphins being released will put you in better shape.
    as far as alchohol goes, a glass of wine wouldn’t hurt. or a beer or something.
    just do it for the sole purpose of relaxing, not getting drunk.

    I’m 18, and am just now starting to have trouble falling asleep.
    im totally open to new suggestions, as that is the reason why I came to this website!

  17. put on a boring show like the histroy of grass or the science channel if your not intrested in science

  18. The fan thing has always helped me. When I lived in a big cuty and there were cars always rushing and beeping outsidi put the fan on to drwon it out. But now where i live ther are no cars but i still use the fan. For some reason i cant sleep in dead silence but i like a constant steady noise like a fan. Also when i go to bed at night all the things i was supposed to remeber come into my head making get up and do whatever it was that i was thinking about so now i have a pad beside my bed and i just write out what i am thinking. The only problem is trying to dechipher the scribbles in the morning but it helps because if i dont do something about what i am thinking i jst lay there thinking about it and it will not get of my head

  19. These Are bad
    Its Bad to Drink Alchohol
    Tv can keep u awake
    With The Light and Noises
    And pills CAre bad also
    Some of these tips are good
    But those
    Three are bad

  20. these are great suggestions… i think i’m gonna try what dave g did (#13). i think that will work the best for me

  21. yeah… #13’s idea worked for me too… i didn’t get as much sleep time though… i guess it all depends on how much of everything you use.. like the volume or quantity of alcohol. but… it still worked for me… THANKS DAVE G!!!

  22. Well, i didn’t try to sleep when i realize the best way to get yourself to fall asleep. Read an Accounting book. It only took 2 pages and i felt asleep.

  23. When he said drink alcohol, I am pretty sure he did not mean get drunk.

    An ounce of alcohol (standard shot) will do the trick. Studies show that an ounce of alcohol or a beer a day actually have some health benefits.

    However, anything over an ounce or one beer and you pretty much ruin any kind of advantages it can give you.

    All in all, the key is a standard shot or drink.

  24. i like to drink helps me think

  25. i like to swig down a jack and a coke before bed, puts me to sleep in a snap.


  27. I used to take ambien, now sometimes I drink an ounce of brandy before bed. Ambien has much worse side effects than alcohol. If you can’t handle your liquor or you are prone to addictions, then stay away from pills and alcohol. I believe overall, alcohol is safer than the pills in most cases. Some people may freak out because of ONE ounce of Brandy before bed, but Ambien is DANGEROUS!


  28. if you really slept for 40 hours… your my idol. thats the funniest thing ive heard in a long time. hhhahaha do all ofe em and sleep for 2 days straight! hhsahahah

  29. im thirteen so im not sure about the alcohal, but one thing i do know is that Dave G. is a freakn genious. lol

  30. y would u drink thats bad anyways i like the radio but not the t.v when i go to sleep cuz i get addicted to the t.v

  31. jerk off or get laid,smoke a joint and drink a beer. youll be out like a light, it always works

  32. For Me Im 17 I Just Turn My Tv To A Realy Boreing Show And That Helps Me Alot That Or I Just Go On The Computer Till I Get Bored And Fall A Sleep

  33. I think all his suggestions are great..even the alcohol ( in moderation). Because he didn’t say to do these all the time but when u have trouble sleeping. And he didn’t say do them all, ur supposednto take one suggestion and make it work for u. .so if u don’t like the alcohol or the pills, or tv or radio…?! Don’t friggin’ take them then! He’s giving opinions not making u do them!!!! Many of them work for certain people.. And for others, not so much! Good luck choosing one that best fits u!!;)

  34. worst advice i ever got, you must be american

  35. i am only 13 and i have trouble sleeping. i have serious migranes the next day. i am going to try some of these tips but not the alcohol!!!!!!!! that is a bad idea!

  36. Best way to sleep Blaze a phat doob and watch the simpsons ur good to go ;)

  37. 1 and 6 totaly contradict each other

  38. I don’t see why everyone is making such a huge deal about a little bit of alcohol. If you are having trouble sleeping EVERY night, you should probably consult a doctor about it. If you are having trouble sleeping every now and then, a little alcohol will not hurt you. An ounce of schnappes (preferrably peppermint or butterscotch) in hot chocolate about half an hour before bed has helped me before.

    But that, like all of the suggestions listed above, are just that: Suggestions. That means you don’t have to do them. You pick the one you think will work best for you. We’re not all the same. The same things aren’t going to work for all of us.

    For example, I have a friend who falls asleep if he’s watching TV anytime after 10 PM. That’s what works for him.

  39. NO radio or tv is one of the best ways because if u the vibrations of the sound is slow you will calm down and relax if its quick ul just get hyper

  40. haha drink a little before bed? that’s cute =) &&i also have a bipolar disorder and i’m on meds that “help” you sleep but they don’t work. i think i need a higher mg. who knows.

  41. the lst one is kind of what i do just close ur eyes and just dont open them eventually u fall asleep without even realising Lol xx

  42. Normally what i do is what #10 says only if your eyes are closed long enough it seems like after every breath your eyelids become heavier and the black surronding starts to become darker, the tv is also a good idea as long as the volume is down (not completely muted), same with the radio

  43. what i do is turn on a heater fan. The background noise combined with the warmth really helps. Also a soft rock radio station on a low volume helps me. sometimes i like to listen to ‘melodic metal’ i dunno it just puts me to sleep.

  44. Jerk off

  45. milk and honey is amazing
    dont drink alcohol.
    youll become addicted…ALCOHOLICC. baddd idea
    been there done that.

  46. i think that heres a suggesstion wiggle ur toes and count backwards at the same time o and also turn of everything to meke everything dilent it works 4 me!

  47. hey i actully think that non of ur biz [#48] is rite bout that falllin asleep thingy! lol hahaha!

  48. thanks 4 putting this on there because on holidays i cant fall asleep im not going to try the acholhol cause im 10.evrything else on the internet is just pills.

  49. smoke lots of weed

  50. I totally don’t think that by drinking before bed is going to turn me into an alcoholic. It seriously makes me tired and I sleep through the entire night. Its not like I get hammered, a beer or two will be enough for me, and trust me, a beer or two isn’t going to make me stumble around and throw up. Nothing else seems to work for me except that. And for everyone who wrote how alcohol is bad in general is stupid and obviously grew up sheltered and is still living at home with their parents at 40 years old. Oh and I think that smoking weed before bed, helps a lot too. Knocks me out with the quickness.

  51. Thank you, Trust Me I Would Know! Thats what im sayin!

  52. haha all are funny!!!
    hehehe i like ‘em all
    but i’ve never tried drinking
    acohol to sleep (only 13)
    but i have taken sleeping pills
    believe me they work!! yeaah

  53. I’ve tried the pills, t.v., I dont drink so that one is out of the question, I’m lactos intolerant so i can’t do that one either and the counting sheep haven’t worked since i was like 10 (20 now) so I need some help with this. Any other suggestions than these?

  54. a line of coke does it all..wait no it doesn’t maybe shoot up some heroin

  55. Hey # 56 my dad and my brother died of heroin so I hope you enjoy making fun of my dead family members.
    Falling asleep.
    Just turn off all the lights.
    Put a pillow on your head.
    Think that everyones going to die.
    And say a prayer.


  56. ALl my life i have had problems sleeping. I tried all the crap in the drug store. THey for some reason make me so tired i cant fall asleep. WORST FEELING IN THE WORLD! ANd i have tried Ambien. Ambien is very scary. It does make you fall asleep. BUT the side effects some people have are bad. WHen first taking them i would not remember anything from the night before. I also sneeze and have headaches sometimes. But thats if you take it for long periods of time. At one point in time i could take 1 10mil and it would do NOTHING!! I would take 2 10mil pill and it would barley put me to sleep. Ambien is very addictive! But its so nice to be able to fall asleep in 5 10 min. I HATE THOSE PEOPLE THAT CAN JUST SHUT THERE EYES AND FALL ASLEEP IN LESS THAN A MIN!!!!!! errrrrrrrr!!!

  57. stay away from your cellphone.
    cover your ears with your quilt.
    Close your eyes.
    Think of an ideal life..
    Forget about your worries, don’t worry about how tomorrow is going to be.
    bed time should be sacred for you, a moment for you to feel happy even how desperate you might actually be..
    Keep eyes shut…visualize yourself in your dreamworld.
    You won’t even know for long you’ve been awake.
    Make bed time a pleasure, don’t consider it as a nightmare.

    Ps: i’ve been through valium, prothiaden, xanax etc..but this natural method works best. Its all in the mind.

  58. I am so tired just reading these. Peace out!

  59. cant sleep , but i think reading this made me tired hahahah

  60. If you gotta partner sleeping with you then sexin’ them up real fast should help you sleep, or masturbation. Whatever works for you. Ladies after a long day and then an orgasm(s) you should fall asleep fast, and guys long day or not once you’re “finished” you’ll sleep like a baby.

  61. Besides the alcohol and sleeping pill suggestions, these are all pretty good ideas, thanks for the help. Also, lavendar and vanilla scented sprays and lotions are also really helpful for before bed, but like I said, nice job!

  62. I think the weed and booze trick is hilarious!!! Smoke a J and drink a Coors…good to go!

  63. Check out number 3

  64. You are a retard taking a shot of rum or something is an old school way of getting to sleep there not saying kick back a 26′er. Also tv and radio work for some so shut it. D bag

  65. number nine never works i count sheep then i lose track at about 250

  66. I have had problems sleeping in the past and have gone to the doctor before. Before trying medications she gave me suggestions:
    - No TV/Distractions in the bedroom
    - The only activities that should happen in the bedroom are intimacy and sleeping (seriously)
    - Exercise in the morning
    - Eat well
    - Start to relax an hour before bedtime

  67. Tylonol with alcohol LOL I feel bad for whatever happend to you

  68. Alcohol makes my head hurt…didn’t say I do not like it! just makes my head hurt..Can’t do the weed either. Pills make u feel like crap the next day and all the other solutions are just plain bull! Sorry….Anyway this is 2009..y can’t they just come up with something u (breathe in) like u do with oxygen..only it makes u sleepy when u breathe it in and wake up feeling refreshed..or haha better yet..make something for u to breathe in in the morning to wake u up and have energy..and haha when u need more energy just go get u another breath of it…sounds great to me!!! Well maybe some day….Wishful Thinking!!!!

  69. People are idiots.. First of all, just because someone drinks alcohol does not automatically make the a alcoholic. A few comments on here are just stupid. Either by people who dont drink, or by harry potter loving cheese eating freaks. Dont judge somebosy because they might drink a beer or two. If they need help they will get it.. Not because you say ” Are you an alcoholic? I mean come on…. Are you gay? Are you afraid of the dark? Are you a Dork? Dont judge before you F***ing know someone

  70. You guys are so funny. Everyone has there own opinion. Some more hilarious then others hehe… My opinion now is im 26 years old and always had problems sleeping, since i was a child. I would lay in bed for hours trying to fall asleep. And i would be so tired i didnt want to go to school. Now that i am older i have come across pills. Ive tried them all and nothing has worked until i came acrossed Ambien. Out like a light bulb. But there are side effects. Right when i new it was starting to hit me i would have a sneezing fit or have to go to the bathroom. And i couldnt eat or id puke it back up. And of course the famous not remembering the night before. As time went on i have had less and less sides to this drunk. But i wouldnt recomend it for a long time. Now the drinking think. If you dont abuse it i dont see the problem with having a glass of wine or a shot. Once in a while. I wish i could lay down and relaz and count sleep etc etc dont work for me. I never new what just lay down and falling asleep is. I envy those people. Going to sleep for me is work. And its so sad. But thats what i have ambien for.

  71. I tend to drive my car till I pass out

  72. Tv helps me. One night i was at my friends house and i had to go to sleep in pitch black silence!?! All i heard was the aircondition and it was annoying.I also read that eating will increase glucose levels and make you fall asleep if your already tired? “Popular Science” :0 !?!

  73. Here is so cool ideas if u can’t sleep. U can imagine u have a giant house. then u can decorate all the rooms it takes until u fall asleep. Also u can just review ur last social studies lesson in ur head and ur be sure to fall asleep in no time. ps don’t go on the computer before bed like i am i will prob have trouble falling asleep but oh well. Hope these ideas helped u people

  74. i’ve tried ‘em all (not achol only 11) THEY DONT WORK! which really sucks ps any1 else gots an idea?

  75. hi none of tis stuff works i HATE insomnia (←dnt know if i spelled right) ps if any1 else has an idea pls post it pps not anyting 2 do with achol im only 12 ty:)

  76. actually, turning on a radio at low volume is a good way to fall asleep, especialy with the sleep timmer

  77. hey # 70, they do have something u breath and u fall asleep its CO2 dumbass

  78. No Electrical appliances near you

  79. Actually watching Tv or being on the computer puts me out like a light :)

  80. What if we all just say that some things work for others and some things dont.i dont see why people are yelling at the alcohol one if its only a little. my parents told me to medidtate(i think thats how u spell it)and just focuse on your breathes and you will fall alseep….its working for my family but not me :(

  81. Reading A Bit Helps You Fall Asleep I Find. Though Most People Say Don’t Read Before Bed, I’m Not Kidding This WORKS!

  82. The majority of the reason we have trouble going to sleep is that we don’t get involved in physical work…most of us that have trouble going to sleep at night have office jobs where we are behind a desk, or even as a student, there isn’t a whole lot of physical doings. I recommend doing something extremely physical for a few days and aviod taking a nap afterwards. This always helps me out when my time is mixed up. Going to bed at 4am, then waking up at 1pm isn’t good. Physical exercise of some nature is recommended and will aid in getting back on a “normal” sleep schedule.

  83. Melatonin helps, chewable, and take two or three

  84. I can recommend a reputable pharmacy (Ambien w/o script) I received the order and it was on time and the pills work great.

  85. phucking helpless oh really sleeping pills will help i never knew that

  86. listen to the sounds of acadia, i bought it off amazon it’s amazing!

  87. listen to the sounds of acadia, i bought it off amazon it\’s amazing!

  88. About the alcohol they could have very well meant like drink a glass of wine. Which is GOOD for you. And is also a sedative. And about the sleeping medicine there are some non addictive ones that don’t leave you with a drag the next day (Example I use melatonin)

  89. 1. Do a couple bong hits, always works
    2. Take a couple shots of jack
    3. Go in the hot tub with some beers
    3. Take pills, works 100% of the time
    4. Stay awake for as long as you can

  90. 5. 222’s with jack, lol have fun tryin to wake from that one
    6. Buy a co2 chamber and sleep in that
    7. Read all the dumbass peoples comments here
    about how drinking before bed is bad, like no one got it
    after the first 20 times
    8. Email me and say im an idiot, sounds fun
    9. When all else fails, shoot some hoops

  91. I enjoyed your post if you get a chance check out my related page ways to fall asleep. Maybe we can do a link exchange.

  92. This is funny but if ou really wanna sleep you should go swimming and then run up the road naked and knock on ur neighbors door at 2am

  93. I enjoyed your post if you get a chance check out my related page ways to fall asleep. Maybe we can do a link exchange.

  94. Ahaha that a great idea!!!

  95. Well when I have bad pain in my née it hurts and I can’t keep it strait and I can’t sleep anyway to fall alsleep good but all I want to do is sleep good before I get crankey in the moring

  96. i have struggled with insomnia for many years. i have tried medicine after medicine and sometimes i did have a drink to cam my mind. i turned off all radio’s, ipods, tv’s and computers because the stimulate the mind. Sleep is a state of consciousness where the brain is at its most inactive so, why would you turn on things that would stimuate it? so that theory is out. alcohol has been known to “relax” the body but it also stimultes the nerves in a way that you feel “tingly” or “werid” physically so…can’t really relax there. Shut off anything that may disturb the senses, lie down in the most comfortable position and close your eyes. If you cant help but think, try to only think of one thing. No racing thoughts. Just be persistent, don’t get up and wait it out. The next thing you know it’s time to get up!
    Works for me.

  97. Ur a fucking distubance at least he/she posted soemthing. like radio use to be my key. n tv n alchohaul. and weed. and dope. and fan. sex. Gf given back rub. snugglign video games…my fav was being younger. b4 i had sleep issues

  98. Ya the issue with alcohol is not that u may become addicted its that it disrupts sleep. kinda counter productive.

    Thats why its a stupid suggestion.

  99. Those of you who stated alcohol is a bad idea, you are completely wrong, cause just a little isn\\\’t going to kill, and or make you addicted. Therefor it\\\’s not a bad option. The counting sheep thing seems to work the most for me though so i would go with that if you don\\\’t have your hands on some alcohol. =)

  100. Pour a glass of milk, add some honey and put it in the microwave for a few seconds?
    I’d be awake for ages and it would cost me alot in milk and honey.
    Ahhhhh should i drink it?

  101. ur wrong like a noob
    TV and raid do help u fall asleep dont no about achool as i am too young to drink

  102. yes that is a good one TV down really low so u can hear it at night help but only if u are really sleepy or cnt see the light from it

  103. Remove all sources that tell you the time. I have no clocks in my room at all. You’ll get paranoid about staying up all night.. clock-watching makes you worry more and keeps you awake.

  104. Try watching the Jay Leno show at very, very, very, low volume while laying in bed. If you feel your eyes starting to close – turn off the TV and shut your eyes and go to sleep. If you don’t realize that your eyes are closing that usually means you already fell asleep while the TV was on (who cares it’s on low volume anyway).

    Works most of the time.

    There is something about Leno that just makes me drift off to slumberville ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ…..

  105. Laying face down in the filled bathtub usually does the trick for me

  106. actually along with the alcohol you can also do a line of cocain and kill a hooker. it helps me.

  107. actually, sleeping pills just make you feel tired in the morning so then you think you slept.

  108. Take a wank b4 bedtime :D

  109. I Like To Go Onto Youtube And Listen To The Sound Of Rain Falling Makes You Super Sleepy Then You Just Drop Off :)

  110. The best way to fall asleep quickly is to have a bath and get your bed all nice and cool and then watch a calming and cozy film for example scrooge or somthing like that.

    Then after just imagine that your next to a nice hot crackling fire and you will be sleeping like a log in no time.

  111. just like alot of people have already said, drinking alcohol and taking sleeping pills are a very VERY bad idea. best things are, have a nice warm shower, have a nice dark cool room, no noise! deep breaths, and dont get worked up if u cant fall asleep. just try relax and get comfortable!!!!!

  112. you see coffee does not keep me awake and neither does falling alseep with the tv on,i can sleep thru a brass band

    alcohol is the best option either that or getting hit in the head with a baseball bat

  113. Heyy i have had a load of trouble getting to sleep in the past 5 years but this amazing drink has improves my sleep by 100% percent!!! Enjoy ZZZZ……*take 10min before bed

    steeped chamomile tea (squeeze bag for added benefit)
    1 tbsp honey
    shot of lemon juice (mix and drink hot and fast ) * milk can replace the lemon if you dont like sour

  114. OMG thx taylor you are like soo amazing this worked like soo good haha thx soo much!!!!!!!!! :) :):):):):) AMAZING AMAZING AHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!

  115. Sleep is something I suffer a lack of. Thanks for this

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