15 Do’s and Don’ts for Healthy Looking, Beautiful Nails

Proper care and nutrition are essential for beautiful nails. By following this list of 15 Do’s and Don’ts you’ll have attractive nails in no time.

Having clean and healthy nails is indicative of a persons state of health and hygiene. If your nails are brittle, have lines, spots, patches or look dirty they can be a major turn off for other people. In fact many diseases and deficiencies are diagnosed by doctors by examining the nails.

Here are some Do’s and Don’ts for having healthy looking, beautiful nails

The Do’s:

  1. Mix a little soap in warm water (or you can apply soap to your hands) then soak your hands for few minutes everyday.

  2. Apply a moisturizing cream or some lotion every time before going to bed. This helps prevent splitting of nails

  3. Take an adequate amount of calcium as recommended by the world health organization (WHO) and FNB (Food and Nutrition Board). This is almost 200-300 mg for <1 yrs infant, 500 mg for 1-3 yrs, 800 mg for 4-8 yrs child, 1200-1300 mg for age 9 – 50 + yrs. You can see the full charts here:

  4. Drink plenty of water and fresh juices. This would keep you and your nails well hydrated as well as provide proper nutrients

  5. Stay healthy by doing regular exercise and taking a balanced diet so that you don’t develop any vitamin,mineral or protein deficiencies.

  6. Take vitamin supplements if you are deficient on some vitamins

  7. Use protective gloves while doing manual work.

  8. Groom your nails as you would groom the rest of yourself, cut them regularly don’t let them get too long or short.

  9. File your nails but make sure you go in only one direction.

The Don’ts:

  1. When filing your nails never go back and forth as it will make your nails brittle, always go in only one direction.

  2. Don’t file your nails immediately after a shower or after soaking your hands as wet nails can easily break.

  3. Try to avoid using artificial nails (acrylic nails) because chemicals and glue can harm the underlying nails plus they may cause fungal infections. You can still use artificial nails on occasions just try not to over use them.

  4. Never scrap off nail polish as this will damage your nails instead use a proper nail polish remover.

  5. Don’t leave nail polish on for too long (for ladies).

  6. Never bite your nails as it makes them look untidy and it can cause nail infections

Follow the don’ts and you may end up with nails like these:

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