27 Bad Brain Foods

Avoid these foods or else…

We should all realize that brain is probably one of the most important part of our body that directs all our activities. As it is crucial that we know what to feed our mind for its attainment of better brain power, it is also essential that we know what we have to avoid. These are the foods that potentially damages our brain cells and eventually kills them. I guess we all know for sure that illicit drugs and all alcoholic beverages are one of these “bad” brain foods. Here’s a list of some bad brain foods:

  1. Alcohol beverages
  2. Artificial flavoring
  3. Artificial food coloring
  4. Artificial sweeteners
  5. Cereal bars
  6. Cheetos
  7. Chicharrones
  8. Corn syrup
  9. Doughnuts
  10. Energy drinks 
  11. Falafel
  12. Frosting
  13. Gyros
  14. Gyozas
  15. Highly greasy foods
  16. High-sugar beverages
  17. Hydrogenated fats
  18. Jellybeans
  19. Junk sugars
  20. Marshmallows
  21. Nicotine
  22. Processed food
  23. Rice cakes
  24. Sodas (diet and regular)
  25. Twinkies
  26. White bread
  27. White rolls          

It is not necessary that we remember all of these bad foods. Bear in mind that artificial foods are always not that good for us and any excess food intake of any not seemingly bad foods above would cause the death of our brain cells. In fact, some of the above listed items are not that familiar to me as this list is something I’ve seen here in the Internet and would just like to share it with you. They advice that common sense is needed for choosing appropriate foods but when it’s not enough, rely on science, research.drugs,arf

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  1. Great article! I am glad only two are on my list. I am kind of a health nut. Fantastic info!

  2. A useful post.We should learn to avoid some as far as we can.

  3. May I ask why cereal bars bad? Aside from the fact that it is processed.

  4. good information, thanks Jane… but white bread is included in the list, oh, no, I take at least 4 times a week….
    luckily, coffee is not in the list..

  5. Helpful post..I will delete white bread from my menu..

  6. Excellent article, Jane. Thanks goodness coffee is not on the list!!

  7. cool jane thanks for sharing

  8. This is very important information to know. A lot of people love Energy drinks. They need to read this. Thanks

  9. Very useful article! Thanks for sharing it with us!

  10. luckily I don’t need a diet :)

  11. I thank you for writing this amazing article, ill be back for a second time!

  12. good list – all the starchy, sugary rubbish is to be avoided – omega 3 fish oils and superfoods / broccoli, blueberries – the way to go!

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