95 Type of Condoms Made for Comfort

95 Type of Condoms Made For Comfort.

Condoms typically have only one standard size or at most three sizes namely small, medium and large. But in America, condoms began to be produced with a 95 size male genitalia can be chosen so as to choose the most appropriate dress size.

Condoms named this TheyFit is designed to actually fit or fit when worn. According to the company that produces it, the size of a man’s penis is very diverse and not always be represented only by 1 or 3 standard sizes.

“We provide a variety of condom sizes as well as dress size and shoe size. The right size is very critical in determining comfort,” said Joe Nelson, one of the marketing manager was quoted as saying TheFit Thesun, Thursday (08/12/2011).

Nelson said, 95 the size of condoms are available are the result of research for 15 years. The size varies widely so it is quite represent the smallest penis size up to the greatest though not definitely specified by a particular number.

What is clear when it will buy, men will be asked to measure the length and diameter of his penis and then will be assigned a random code that indicates the size that suits her. The use of code will ensure the privacy claim, because it does not mention the size of the genitals in the numbers.

During this time, the problem size is often complained of by some men while using a condom. When the size of the condom is too loose nor too tight, one effect is equally loose so much easier when used for sex.

And if you have sex without a condom, then one does not have any protection terhadapo an unplanned pregnancy. Not only that, the risk of transmission of venereal disease is also increased when not wearing a condom as a protection.

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