A Few Ways to Get Rid of a Horrible Cold

Tired of having a cold? well, it’s time to get healthy.

Are you tired of sniffling, sneezing, coughing, weezing, and hacking? Well, now you can forget about those things and have a great summer time!

The first step is, do not under any circumstances, suck your snot in and swallow it. That builds up gunk in your throat. What you want to do is either use 5 pieces of tissue (depending on the person). If the mucus is way back in your sinuses, then just snort it in (I know it sounds gross), and spit it in a garbage or on the ground (if you are outside). Also, if you have a horrible cough and you get a little bit of mucus in your mouth, spit it out. There is no point of just swallowing it again.

The second step is, take vitamin and/or cough medicine. Drink orange juice, get lots of rest, eat right. Another thing you can do is exercise. Exercise will build up your immune system.

After about a week of doing this your cold should get better. Especially in the middle of spring. Thank you for reading! Please leave your comments or questions.

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  1. how do you get rid of plugged ears im 12 years old and im sick and tierd literaly of being sick all of the time my family is like a dummy getting punched and kicked by the symtomes of the cold. ive had my cold sence the ninth of november. sorry to say this but its a kick in the ass!!!

  2. I think that this information is correct, I have a cold right now and i hate it! So im giving this a try. Thank you

  3. i have had a cough for 3months now i take some tablets but it still hasent stoped you send me what i culd do to make it stop snd it to
    plz send very quickly

  4. well, i have a horrible cold and cough!!!!!!!

  5. I’ve had my cold for 1 day and I’m already sick of it! I’m going to try this and I hope it will go away! I hate my nose feeling like this and not being able to swallow things. :)

  6. i think this was constructive for common sense but lacked genuine advice

  7. I’ve been trying ur solution and im sick of being sick, its workin well so far and im 11 and middle scool isnt the best place to get rid of a cold… ive been absent for 4 days straight and need to get bac in the game! thanks!!! :-l

  8. i hate my cold! its just lost me my job because its that bad i can’t make work because my job relies on full energy. my girlfriend dumped me because i’ve sneezed in her face and my x won’t let me see my kids incase they catch the cold! i’m on the brink of suicide! GRRR

  9. liam young, do not kill yourself you have your whole life ahead of you and your cold will clear up sooner or later… you can get a new girlfriend and job… go to a doctor and soon you will feel better! i am sick now too and hating it but not at a point of suicide… so please just dont kill yourself you will be making a horrible mistake!

  10. i am 11 years old. it is saturday and i have to get up at 3:00 in the morning on sunday to got o disney world!!! and i’m sick!! i have a cough sore throat and stuffy nose, i threw up on friday and i coughed up a bunch of mucus and that made me feel a lot better. is there any good way i can get rid of this? FAST!

  11. ive had this cold for only a day. i am dieing! i can hardly get up and walk what can i do about the fatigue ??????? my whole body is super sore!

  12. i have a terrible cold to and cough ….. but this cough i have got just won’t go away. It is so annoying and i can’t and sleep .

  13. to get rid of a cold i use lemon and honey. you boil up water in the kettel and then squeeze half a lemon. i also put in 2 tablespoons of honey. i give it 10/10.

  14. I heard that it is very healthy to swallow your snot because that way you start building anti-bodies that will help you get over your cold. I’m working on that right now and all I have left are some plugged ears that I can’t seem to be able to get rid of.

  15. hi
    i have a cold its killing me im 11 years old what should i do

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