A Simple Way to Cure Hiccups

Are you having trouble curing a hiccup? Well, here;s a simple way that may cure your hiccups.

Are you having hiccups now? Well, i just recently learned a way to cure your hiccups. But note that this does not work a full 100%. This is just one method. So, here it goes

First of all, take in air in your mouth, as if your eating something. Keep taking in air inside your mouth but do not breathe out yet. Do this around 3 times and then pretend to swallow the air in your mouth. Then you can breathe out. Now just wait a bit and see if the hiccups. If they are, then there you go. If not then try it a couple of times. This works like 50-50 chance. It works for me at times.

Sometimes when i have hiccups, if that method does not work then here’s a tip from me. Whenever i have a hiccup, i feel a bit lazy and sort of like dizzy. Try to keep your self fit and breathe alot. This method also works at times. Also, try drinking some water. If that dosen’t work, then let’s just hope you get scared enough to get those hiccups away.

Well here are some tips that i know on how to get rid of a hiccup.


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