A Story of The Ragged Panties

Ladies don’t ever put on a pair of ragged panties just to wear with your old jeans. You know what your mama always told you. Put on your clean underwear, you might have an accident. Well, my panties were clean but they were ragged. And I came to seriously regret I didn’t throw them in the trash can. I did learn a good lesson. I will never keep any panties that are not in perfect condition again.

A few weeks ago I pulled out an old pair of jeans to wear while cleaning the apartment and doing laundry, laying right on top of everything was a pair of panties I had intended to toss, but there they were and since I intended to clean and do laundry, I grabbed them out. (If I had only known, I’d have taken them straight to the garbage can but I hadn’t a clue.) I put on my ragged panties and my old blue jeans and worked awhile in the apartment. But it was such a nice sunny day we decided to drive up to my son’s house for a short while. 

I didn’t change clothes because I thought I’d give my son a helping hand cleaning his house. It was a beautiful day and we enjoyed our drive. We arrived safe and sound and went in to visit with my son. He lives alone and hasn’t been well so I thought I could do some cleaning for him. Usually when we’re there he wants me to sit down and visit with him and Lionel, and sometimes I do, but I had rather visit while I am tidying up the house.

As usual my son didn’t want me to do any cleaning and I didn’t insist. We talked awhile and decided to run over to the store, my son went to have a quick shower and I suddenly felt sick, and I mean really sick. I told Lionel I felt horrible and ran out on the porch.  I felt so bad I could hardly stand up and I leaned over the porch rail. I could hear Lionel calling for my son to come quick and the next thing I knew I was lying on the floor. Lionel and my son had ran out and grabbed me before I fell and hit the floor, (they said) When I came to they were scared to death and trying to decide if they should call 911 or take me to the emergency room in the  car. I said, no, no, to 911 but they insisted on taking me to the emergency room.

As you might guess, the nurse put me in a hospital gown and there were my ragged panties.  She didn’t turn a hair so I guess I wasn’t the first to came in with ragged panties. I was so embarrassed, those ragged panties bothered me worse than being sick. They did tests and scans the rest of the day and decided to keep me all night. Lionel and my son stayed with me as long as possible and went home for the night. I told Lionel to bring me a change of clothes and underwear when he came in the next morning. 

Now, we have lived in the same apartment for ten years and do you think that man could find my panties? He could not.  I had to have something under the hospital gown because they are open all the way down the back so I was stuck. Nurses and assistants wheeled me all over the hospital giving me every kind of test you can imagine, me in my ragged panties. Then they decided to keep me another night.  I was ready to clobber Lionel but he did find my panties and bring them the next morning. I went straight to the bathroom and trashed the ragged one. That little episode taught me to never go out unless you are dressed to go to the hospital. As mama said, you never know when you will have an accident.

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  1. Very good lesson for all , you never know……..

  2. I am sorry you had to go to the hospital. I always worry about things like that. I usually throw out a pair of panties a month for being ragged. My mom buy me them for a really good price at Dollar General so it does not hurt my innate cheapness.

  3. I enjoyed reading a woman’s point of view.

  4. good post

  5. LMAOOOO – I am so sorry that you were sick, but, I couldn’t help but laugh. Isn’t that what we are told – to not wear our ‘holy’ drawers; we may have an accident. lol

    You are, however, the first person I know who’s lived it. I will remember this story every time I put on underwear. :) I hope you are feeling better. Take care of yourself.

  6. Hahaha I’ll remember this one. Thank you ^_^

  7. Thanks a lot mom- I will always remember this one (^_^)

  8. Wanting to look good in the hospital? Bordering on vanity I reckon. I mean as long as there weren’t gaping great holes in them and you weren’t flashing it all, it hardly matters in the big scheme of things.
    And hey, if you HAD flashed, well you’d just have given some old codgers on the wards a wee thrill. Maybe some of them would’ve keeled over from the shock and freed up a few badly needed beds!
    Seriously, sorry you got hurt and hope you’ll be fine.

  9. This is definitely a good way to remember to wear clean underwear. I am glad that you were not seriously hurt, but I had to laugh at your story. I would have been humiliated if it were me. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Good story of a day.

  11. Will learn from your lesson. Thanks for sharing.

  12. At least you got material for a hilarious Triond story – one of those stories that you can laugh about later. I have a story about paramedics coming to my house when I had taken off my shirt to wash out the blood, but at least I had on a relatively new hot pink bra.

  13. Good reading….

  14. I guess the ragged panties helped to distract you ;-)

  15. Ruby, Ruby, Ruby, I have heard my mom say this to me more then a thousand times, “always make sure you keep on good clean whole underwear, because you never know what might happen”, and it has never really hit home until now. Thanks for sharing your story with us.

  16. Haha.. .this was funny and a perfect reinforcement of what our moms always told us! Glad to hear that all is ok with your health, too. :)

  17. Just proves that we should all heed our mother’s advice. lol!

  18. Great story Ruby. I will share on Facebook. I hope you’re ok. Did the doctors figure out what happened?

  19. Great story Ruby, sorry you were ill. :)

  20. Now, Ruby we both know better our mother’s taught us to never go out without good clean underwear on in case we were hit by a bus. I hope you are feeling better and it was nothing serious. But the panty story was great.

  21. mother knows the best……..i like it clicked.

  22. What a title. What content. Superb, Ruby.

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