About Fibroids (Myoma)

This is about myoma or fibroids. I hope this can help those who seek information about this topic. GOD bless.

Hello readers.  I just want to help those who are trying to find anything that might be helpful in curing fibroids (myoma).  I myself have it and have been researching about its causes and possible cure. I have read so much about estrogen surge as the significant cause and that there are lots of things in our environment which give excess estrogen in our system.  Detergents, make up, lotions, and just about every processed/instant thing like mami, seasonings, drinks, etc. contain xenoestrogens and these add up to what is already being produced in our body. Meat like pork, chicken, beef and fish contribute to this as well because the food that they eat are loaded with additives. This is to make the farm animals grow larger and leaner in a shorter period of time spelling easy profit for the farmer.  The same goes with milk products as anything taken in is also secreted into their milk.  Even the produce in the market, especially those that look so good to the eye have xenoestrogens in them because of the pesticides that farmers use. One rule of thumb is that the more the veggie looks good, the more pesticide was sprayed on it–that’s why you won’t see bug bites on them. But then, we can reduce pesticide ingestion by washing them thoroughly then soaking them in water-vinegar solution. Vinegar neutralizes chemicals that is why a type of vinegar is used to neutralize the effect of perming/straightening solutions.

Also, refrain from plastics like disposable plates, spoon/fork, drinking vessels, pitchers, Styrofoam, and the like when handling food and beverages. They leak into your food and cause estrogen to rise.

I have always believed that the more natural one thing is, the purer and more effective it is. I believe that what GOD had provided for people consumption is already sufficient and effective. Modifying things for convenience has its limitations.  The goodness of sautéing onion and garlic will always be superior than the mixes that we have today when it comes to health and nutrition.

In view of this, papaya leaf tea and guyabano leaf tea might help.  These are strong agents against tumors and fibroids are tumors. These are proven to even be comparable to chemotherapy in hunting down cancer cells. Guyabano leaf tea is also recommended for hypertension so when taking it for tumors, one must bear in mind that overuse can bring blood pressure down. 2-3 glasses a day would be enough.  Papaya leaves on the other hand are also used to abate dengue in its early stages.

You can boil 2-3 leaves of papaya in 2 litters of water for 10-15 min.  Let cool and store in glass containers in the ref to have 2-3 day supply.  This is bitter in taste.  Chase it with a little water and you’re done.  Drink once in the morning and once in the evening.  Another way, you can get the green part of two leaves minus the stem and pounding and squeezing out the juices. This will yield approximately two tablespoons of bitter juice. Drink this undiluted morning and evening.

You can make the guyabano leaf tea by boiling 10-12 large mature leaves in 1 liter of water for 5-10 minutes. Store it in the same way as the papaya tea. This is better tasting but either way, you’ll be drinking to your health.

Now if you’re going to kill foreign matters in your body,  you would have to cleanse your system or else, you will become weak because of waste overload.  You can find other ways of doing this but I personally suggest coffee enemas once a day or every otherday. It’s cheap and it stimulates the liver to expel excess fat, metal, and harmful chemicals and to produce glutathione S-transferase which will boost the immune system.  GOD bless.

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