Advantages and Disadvantages of Barrier Methods

Barrier methods are those that mechanically or chemically prevent fertilization or prevent the union of egg and sperm.

Advantages of barrier methods

  • All barrier methods are effective in preventing pregnancy and some STDs when used consistently and correctly. The degree of efficacy varies with the method.
  • Barrier methods are very safe and the few side effects are usually mild. No cause systemic effects.
  • The user controls and can begin and discontinue easily.
  • Allow the immediate return of fertility.
  • Unless the diaphragm and cervical cap, barrier methods do not require an office visit and can be obtained without a prescription. Often you can get in pharmacies and other community-based distributors and dealers unstructured.

Disadvantages of Barrier Methods

  • It may not be as effective as other methods. This is mainly due to the fact that for some people it is difficult to use them consistently and correctly. Be used at all sexual act and, therefore, requires considerable motivation to use them consistently and correctly. They also require the participation of the partner or partners and the communication between them.
  • Some people are concerned that the use of barrier methods interrupt sex. It is possible that in some cultures, other obstacles arise, as taboos against touching the genitals.
  • Proper storage is important for maintaining the quality of products and require a power supply.
  • It is also possible that barrier methods are costly in some environments, compared with other methods.

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