Alarm Clock: A Health Hazard?

Sometimes a simple thing can be more dangerous than some of the most dangerous weapons in the world.

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Anything in this world can be a health hazard. Therefore, there is nothing, which can be considered safe. The safety is relative not absolute. As I will mention in this article, alarm clock, which is such a important part of our life can be such a health hazard that you can’t even imagine.

Alarm clock, as the name denotes is the clock, which has the ability to warn. They warn people by making sounds. People assume that it is trying to wake us. It warns us that had better get ready otherwise; you are going to be late.

However, we all forget that it is also giving us a second warning that be careful when you wake up.

Medically speaking many scientists claim that alarm clock can cause sleep inertia. However, it is just the primary effect, which it shows. It has several secondary effects.

Various secondary effects are:

1)      Inactiveness

2)      Depression

3)      Tension

4)      Anger

5)      Anxiety

The combination of all the above effects is accidents, the most dangerous side effect of an alarm clock.

Several questions will be arising in the minds of the reader.

They are as follows:

How can alarm clock leads to inactiveness, depression, tension, anger and anxiety?

How can alarm clock leads to accidents?

What is the relationship between inactiveness, depression, tension, anger and anxiety and accidents?

The answer of these questions is their in front of you. It just you have to think a bit. I hope you have the answer, otherwise if possible I will explain in some other article.

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