Allergy Tip: Wet Tube Socks, Seriously Folks!

Fighting Sinus Pressure the Natural Way: Wet Tube Socks!

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Ever wonder what to do with all the extra tube socks that take over your dresser? Ever complain about the incredible pain and pressure that your sinuses strike in your direction every time the barometric pressure changes? This may be your lucky day. 

Before Bedtime

Step One: Take a clean pair athletic socks and rinse them in cold water.

Step Two: Ring out the socks out in the sink- make sure they do not drip.

Step Three: Put the tube socks on your feet.

Step Four: Put on heavy wool socks over the wet tube socks. (100% wool if possible)

Step Five: Go to bed!

Why it works:

By wearing wet socks on one’s feet, the body is tricked into drying that area of the body- while at the time time increasing circulation in the legs.  This increased circulation acts as an agent to dry your nasal passages and sinuses in your throat during sleep.

Tip Number 2: Nasal Saline Solution

Another good habit is to carry around a tube of Saline Nasal Solution that can be placed in the user’s nostrils periodically throughout the day.  This technique is drug free and allows sufferers a natural way to unblock nasal passages and relieve tension while at work or play.

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