Always Wanting to Make Your Family Happy Could be Detrimental to Your Health

Shop smart this year, don’t go over-board, don’t put yourself in debt, everyone else will be happy but I promise you won’t.

Are you solely here just to please people? This would be a perfect time to find out.  The economy sucks, prices are on the rise.Financially many people are in a bind.  Many parents want to please their children and fulfill their Christmas wish-list and some parents find a way to do it one way or another. Do you honestly think that your children would want to see you unhappy?Creating debt, that you will eventually have to pay-off next year, after all the season greeting, then pulling that credit card out and traveling to all those various stores.  One day next year this is probably going to smack you right in the face.Of course your child deserves to be happy, and  no they didn’t exactly as to be born, but if  you insist on purchasing things you really can’t afford, then believing that you will just pay it off next year.   What do you think will happen ,if you need that money for something unexpected?  You push that Christmas debt further back, until it generates into a problem.  This in turn causes you to stress out and the tension is felt throughout the house.  Now the children and relatives were pleased on that day, but what about tomorrow?  Enjoy the holiday season, don’t go over-board, shop sensibly.  Christmas is only one day remember that.  Be pleased with yourself not overly willing to please others. The desire to want to please everybody could be detrimental to your health.   Happy Holiday! 

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  1. Very good article! Thanks for sharing.

  2. This should be a Christmas Carol. Well done

  3. Nice article.. Thank u for the share

  4. Nice article! I believe we should keep it simple always! =)

  5. great thoughts… I have no problem with my family.. they disowned me years ago hahahaha

  6. Absolutely. For years I have made it a rule to shop with the money I have available (i.e. debit card). I don’t want to be one of those people who get sticker shock when the bills arrive in January! :)

  7. a nonmaterialistic approach is what I advocate in my family. I works well and everyone is just as happy just to see eachother

  8. Good article.
    Keep it up.

  9. Great common sense punctuated by some fun visuals. Well done :-)

  10. Always love people for who they are not how much their worth.

  11. That’s very true. We need to take rein on our spending during the Holiday season. Thanks!

  12. This is truly a great article!!!

  13. making your family happy is something we do out of the kindness of our hearts. Seeing their smiles actually makes you happy as well. Sorry, but I must disagree…

  14. Good thoughts.

  15. Makes sense.

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