Anlene Concentrate to Boost Your Calcium Needs

How much calcium do you need per day? I checked and found out that the adult aged 19 and 50 requires 1000mg of calcium per day. I got worried if I was getting enough from the fresh milk and other food that I eat. Then I discovered that Anlene Concentrate is a high calcium formula which help boost my calcium intake. Here are the reasons why I love the Anlene Concentrate.

1) 4x Calcium of Regular Fresh Milk
I compared the calcium content in a regular fresh milk and Anlene Concentrate. There is 150 mg calcium in 100 ml of regular fresh milk. There is 520 mg calcium in 100 ml of Anlene Concentrate. That is about 3.5 times actually. In each 125 ml pack of Anlene Concentrate, there is 650 mg of Calcium. Drinking one packet each day give a person 65% of an adult’s calcium need.

2) Calcium Absorption
There is also a need for Vitamin D to increase calcium absorption in the body, which is also provided in the Anlene Concentrate. In addition, there is also magnesium and zinc for one’s essential bone nutrients.

3) Low Fat
The Anlene Concentrate is low in fat. This is great. I do not want to increase my calcium intake and at the same time, my fat intake increases.

4) Taste Great
The Anlene Concentrate comes is two flavours that I’m aware of. I love the vanilla taste compared to the chocolate one.

5) Convenient Packaging
Each pack has four small packet of Anlene Concentrate. Each small packet has 125ml of milk formula. It is very compact and convenient to bring along to work or play.

I have seen my own grandmother slouch lower and lower as she grows older. I have a feeling she does not have enough calcium intake. I definitely do not want that to happen to me. So I want to ensure that I have enough. With the Anlene Concentrate, my calcium intake is given a boost and it can be further supplemented with other food that I take. Anlene Concentrate is good for you!

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