Ano Ang Gamot Sa Pigsa

Pigsa in English is called Boils once infected it is call Abscess
An Abcess is surround inflamed issue on the skin that can result to infections. Boils may develop depending on the microorganism or leukcytes.

There are many reasons for having an Boils or Pigsa.

1. Ingrown Hair

2. With foreign body left on the skin caused by foreign object like for example you step sharp pick and remained on the foot not been removed can caused Pigsa or Boils – abscess.

3. May boil bacteriang caused by Staphylococcus. It misses by a hair to the follicle or small cut in the skin or rubbing the infected bacteriang it becomes Boil (abscess).

. People with diabetes, poor hygeine, poor nutrition, or there is a problem with the immune system and those who are exposed to strong chemical in the skin can cause skin irritation to inflamed the tissue.

Gamot sa Pigsa

1. Apply warm compresses to the skin area 3x a day. it is important the drain the abcess or fuzz out of the skin to make the skin dry and effective recovery. Some people with absess cut the skin lining to provide the escape route for the pus.

Antiobiotics is prescribed for antibacterial Treatment, Antiamebic drugs for amebiasis and Antifungal drugs to treat the fungi.

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