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Antibiotics are great, until they are abused and mistaken as the cure to all things.

Isn’t Anyone Listening……Antibiotics’ Are Not the Cure

                I am been preaching to my readers, my parents, my sibling and my friends and it appears no one is listening. I know we all want to feel better, when our heads are stuffy, our nose is running and our throat hurts.  I know as adults we want to feel better to get back to work, get the kids better to get back to day care, so that we may return to work, but in all actuality we are hurting ourselves, and our most precious gift, our children.

                Many get sick and run to their doctor and demand antibiotics and become upset when the doctor refuses them. As your doctor is trying to explain that the symptoms you are suffering are viral and not bacterial; and that none of the antibiotics out there will help you; your busy thinking he is incompetent and you will need to find a new doctor. What you don’t realize is that over use of antibiotics will cause some bacteria to become resistant, thus making that medication useless against your particular germ. If a germ becomes resistant toward a bacterial germ it will make it very tricky to wipe out what is making one sick. So you see if you get a virus and start taking antibiotics when the time comes and you contract a bacterial infection the antibiotics that you have been consuming will have no chance at wiping out the bacterial infection. Your body has become so use to the antibiotic, something that would have worked ten years ago, does absolutely nothing to a simple bacterial cold.

                Then what happens stronger antibiotics must be prescribed and if that does not work, a stay at the hospital where they can intravenous administrate an antibiotic directly into your blood stream may “fix” your situation.  The down side to this is that the hospital is loaded with virus, bacterial infections and deadly disease, and why is this being done? All because you needed to get back to work, your child needed to get back to school; think about it is it truly worth it?

                So think about it, as strong as antibiotics are they don’t curse everything.

                When abused and over used they become harmful to ones health

                Antibiotics’ are for bacterial infections; not viral

Take this drug when it is absolutely necessary, sinus infections, strep throat and other bacterial complications. Most important, if your doctor believes you have a bacterial infection remember to take the medications as prescribed, until it is finished. Usually if a bacterial infection comes back, it may require a different antibiotic, stronger.

                Many people believe green mucus is a good reason to require antibiotics, but sometimes it is only nature’s way of cleaning out ones sinus. So before heading for this “miracle drug” make sure you understand what is going on and why he feels this is the right course of survival.

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  1. Agree 100%. Antibiotic can not be used for a long time.

  2. I agree with you too and in fact have not used antibiotics for many years. A very helpful and informative post.

  3. A good share here cheers

  4. Too much of antibiotic is bad for health and eventually becomes ineffective in the long run.

  5. Excellent article and as a nurse I agree 100%. I only take antibiotics if really needed. I think they are used too much.

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