Are E-cigs Better for Your Health?

Are Electronic Cigarettes better for your health than "analog cigarettes"? This is my experience with E-cigarettes.

      Did you know that e-cigarettes are not included in most smoking bans?  Being a smoker i was thrilled to find out that the majority of businesses, bars, and airplanes allowed me to smoke e-cigarettes indoors! I love being able to walk around at the grocery store and puff away.  Its kinda shocking when people see the water vapors that look like smoke coming out of your mouth.  Anyone who smokes cigarettes knows how good a cigarette is after eating a meal.  Well i was pleased to be puffing away at my E-cig right in the restaurant when i was finished with my meal.  There is no more going outside for me to enjoy that nicotine rush, and that sensation u get from actually puffing on a cigarette.

    In America alone, it’s estimated that over 1,000,000 smokers have already made the switch to electronic cigarettes.  Having smoked for over 20 years, I thought i could never quit. To my surprise, when I switched to e-cigarettes I was able to quit smoking regular (analog) cigarettes only two days later. “I was extremely suspicious at first, but I have to say I am definitely convinced that E-Cigs are better for my health.  In the first week alone, i could smell and taste much better.  I wouldn’t wake up and have the need to cough phlegm or have that stuffy nose.  Not to mention E-cigs are only about 2 dollars for a pack. 

  • Contains zero carbon monoxide, tar, tobacco, or ash.
  • Gives me the same amount of nicotine as analog cigarettes.
  • Can be used in restaurants, airplanes, bars, even at the hospital.
  • 1 cartridge that is equal to 1 pack of cigarettes is only $2.00
  • Emits harmless water vapor.  That means,  No second-hand smoke.
  • You won’t smell like an ashtray or worry about ashes or ashtrays ever again.
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  2. you welcome, glad u enjoyed the read.

  3. Thanks, for sharing

  4. E-Cigs definitely help a good amount of smokers to drop the hazardous habit of cigarettes. Break the chain…

  5. It sounds ok but that’s what we thought about regular cigarettes many years ago. I hope you are right.

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