Are You Drinking Too Much?

Are you spending too much time drinking?

Drinking affects a person’s life more than drugs, while enjoying the evening you order more than one drink not registering how much you have already had. Having the extra glass of water won’t be a bad idea.

Moderate and excessive drinking has a fine line it is much easier to slip away into your world when with other people. Drinking has great effect on women, they shouldn’t  have more than one drink a day. Men can have more drinks than a women and effects are not the same. If women drink the same amount of alcohol as men then she has more chances of having liver disease.

The lower content of water in a women’s body is problem.the alcohol stays around the liver for a longer time and damages the liver. The  high estrogen levels causes the alcohol effect to be stronger and liver cells become sensitive. A higher risk of cancer if you drink too much, the more you consume alcohol, your chances of breast cancer is higher. Heart disease,  if you have more than the required amount of red wine you change the heart health benefit it is reversed. Women are affected by damaging hear muscle more than men.

Brain damage, a weak point of damaging the brain long term drinking causes he brain to dysfunction. Slurred speech is involved too. Brain size is reduced and cells are reduced in persons over drinking.

Violence, drinking makes women to drift into different moods. Aggression is noticed and they want sexually assault someone or physically abuse others.

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  1. good reminder… thanks for the read…

  2. Nice Share.


  3. I think that a person should only drink till he feels good. After that it is a waste.

  4. Nice post :)

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