Avoid Dry Nostrils

Sinus problems or nasal congestion and there are over the counter medications as well as prescription to comfort you, but what about dry nostrils?

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 Many people wake up with dry nostrils; I am not talking about nasal congestion, or nasal dryness, I mean really dry nostrils. For some it occurs during the winter, when we put the heat up; while for others it occurs all year long. If you suffer all year long, its as if you have a constant sore in your nose, and it is most uncomfortable thing in the world, if your just a winter suffer, some may suggest a humidifier.

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 While it is true that moist in the air will avoid the dryness that many people suffer during the winter; including dry hands, face even hair becomes more brittle; the fact the too much moisture can cause mold to grow, and then you start having allergy symptoms in addition to the dry nostrils. Molds as it grows start to produce spores, that become air born, and that is what affects people who suffer from mold and mildew.

 Back to the dry nostrils, why it happens I am not 100 percent sure, except in two situation, one is extremely dry air, the other occurs when a person is a nose picker; disgusting I know. The air in my house ranges from hot to cold, moist to dry so I am unable to pin down or narrow the reason for my dry nostrils. I have tried many things, such vacuuming my room daily, dusting it weekly along with my mattress, I use to wash the sheets every weekend, and then I start every other day. I was really going crazy over the matter, until I realized that perhaps just like my dry hands, face and hair, the inside of my nose need moisturizing, sounds crazy but its true. I try regular hand creams and facial creams and they sort of irritate my nose with a sting sensation, so I went simple I used Vaseline, while that work fairly well, and is great to keep a small bottle in ones bag in case you feel a need for it during the day. I don’t particularly like the feeling of anything in my nose, so I tend to apply Aquaphor from Eucerin with a Q-tip before I go to bed. The Vaseline worked but the aquaphor worked much better with it advance therapy for dry, cracked and irritate skin.

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 With that routine working great at night, I started to wonder if with this stuff in my nose would dust settle in my nose, crazy I am, insane I am not. When I first found the ideal remedy that worked for me, I gave up the constant vacuuming and dusting; and guess what? After about two weeks, one morning I got up to prepare for another day, blew my nose and yes, there was dust in my nose stuck to what ever cream was left from the night be fore’s application. I did not think this was possible, so I did the same thing for two more days and it continued. On the third day I dusted and vacuumed, and yep the next morning my nose was “dust free”.

 It is amazing and totally weird what things happen in our life and they affect us, but I must say for vacations, a small bottle of Vaseline, not the cheap stuff, at home Eucerin’s Aquaphor is fantastic and I always use a Q-tip it is more sanitary and you don’t look like your picking your nose. Yuk!

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  5. Very informative! I think that happens to me when the heat comes on in my house.

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  7. It is super dangerous to put anything other than saline products in your nose. These products can dangerously pass into your lungs and cause a very serious illness known as lipoid pneumonia. DO NOT put lotion or petroleum jelly (Vaseline) in your nose!

  8. Informative content, but please proofread next time. It’s difficult to concentrate on the content of the article where there are so many grammatical errors.

  9. Informative content, but please proofread next time. It’s difficult to concentrate on the content of the article when there are so many grammatical errors.

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