B12 Shots: the Newest Energy Booster

Vitamin B12 shots for weight loss, healthy skin, reducing stress, energy boosters, and so much more.

Vitamin B12 shots for weight loss, healthy skin, reducing stress, energy boosters, and so much more.

B12 shots are becoming more and more popular these days with actors, politicians and people on the go opting for them over lattes and cappuccinos. I myself have started to get a weekly shot. Yesterday was the third week for me so far.

My doctor told me that they are great stress reducers, skin enhancers, energy boosters, as well as having many other beneficial health factors. They are quick and painless. I stress painless because I have an extremely strong aversion to pain and needles and was completely surprised at how I hardly felt a thing.

Though I never thought I would spend $25 a pop on a single vitamin supplement, I have always believed that my health is worth every expense in the world.

After the first shot, I found myself a couple of days later feeling overly smiley. Sounds silly, huh? Well, that’s exactly how I felt. I noticed it most one afternoon when I was chatting with my girl friend. She was talking and I was enjoying our conversation as usual, but as she was speaking I found myself grinning more than I think the conversation warranted. It felt silly, it felt a bit goofy and it felt good. For some reason I felt almost on the verge of giggling at anything she said. I don’t recall feeling like that in any previous conversation I had had with her before.

Was it just a fluke? I brushed it off and didn’t think much of it until the next day. When we were talking again and the same feeling came over me. And then the light bulb went off in my mind! It must be the B12 shot!

Because of that experience and my doctor’s words about how great these shots are for one’s overall health I have decided to make them a new part of my health regimen. Some people get them once a month while others get them as often as twice a week. I myself have opted for once a week dosage. Some people say these shots are the new “caffeine fix”, some believe it’s a placebo effect.

Having experienced it myself, I believe it’s possible it may be a little bit of both. When I first felt the effect two days later I had forgotten that I had gotten the shot. It was clearly not in the forefront of my mind. So that to me makes me think it’s the shot and not the placebo effect. But now two weeks later and two shots later, I am not certain if I still feel the effects. I tend to stay up late and vary on feeling tired throughout my days as a norm, but either way, its B12 and its good stuff.

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  1. Interesting article, personally I would not take it as a shot but as a supplement, maybe.When I am low or feeling unenergetic and depleted, a vitamin supplement helps.

  2. B12 is given in shots because if any part of the digestive process that turns the ingested forms into something useful is interrupted, it can’t be absorbed. Since true B12 deficiencies involve the inability to absorb the vitamin via ingested forms, the shot is the only way to know for sure that the patient is getting the B12 in a form the body can use.

  3. I was pleased to read your article, I also receive B12 in the form of a shot. It is hard to get and my dr. does prescribe it for me as in pill form it doesn’t get absorbed into my system properly. I feel fortunate that I still am able to get the shot monthly or I would be deficient in my much needed vitamin B12. I also enjoyed hearing from Bob as he’s right on about some peoples inability to absorb this vitamin when taken orally.

    Thanks for this article.

  4. Interesting article. I have read about the great benefits of B12 supplements.

  5. B-12 shots are great for people with allergies because they put a lot of stress on you immune systems They’ve done wonders for me and are so worth it. Much more beneficial than supplements. Precisely due to the potency.

  6. Sorry about the typeos! It sent too quickly…

    Allergies put a lot of stress on your immune system and tend to zap your energy. Hence the beneficial nature of the B-12 shots. They help a lot with clarity, too!

  7. I have been getting the B12 shots for 2 weeks now and I have noticed that I have tones of energy. My OBGYN who is also a nutritionist gives me the shots and I have lost 7 lbs, with exercise and a healthy diet off course. Instead of working out for 45 min to an hr I can go 2 hrs and I feel great! my skin looks very clear and fresh.

  8. I have a friend who was very ill until she began getting regular B-12 shots. I take a supplement. Who knows if it works, but your article is great. Thanks.

  9. My dad is a cardiologist and over Thanksgiving he recommended four B vitamins for overall health: B-6, B-12, B-Complex and Folic Acid. Since then I’ve been on fire all day long and into the night. I know the vitamins are catalysts for important physiological processes, but the cumulative effect has me feeling like I’m on a constant Red Bull drip. In social situations, I hold court and get the sense that I’m on cocaine and ecstasy. Warm showers feel warmer. Cool breezes feel cooler. Apparently my blood vessels are dilating, red blood cells are being manufactured like crazy, and DNA and RNA is being replicated acurately and efficiently. It’s messed up. If you have seasonal affective disorder, I highly recommend “bivs” or B Vitamins. They’ll make you feel like it’s the middle of Summer.

  10. I have severe lupus, and I also have a lot of trouble digesting vitamins, so the B12 shots have been great. I seem to get hot flashes from them, but at the same time, it is like a burst of energy. I also feel a little more clearheaded and it seems to help my anemia. I absolutely can not take iron plus a multivitamin and this feels like it goes right to the “problem” areas. I would recommend it for anyone, especially people with health issues and people who have trouble with their immune systems or PMS issues, and especially during flu season.

  11. I’m going to start the shots on the 23rd and after reading all these good comments, I CAN’T WAIT! Thanks for all your useful info.

  12. My Dr.has been giving them to me for about 2 years now. It took a LOT of testing to find out exactly what was wrong with me, but was worth it in the end. I also take a time release B12 cap every day so I don`t BONK. Good article. Thanks.

  13. I will be getting the B12 shots for the first time on this Saturday, I am really looking forward to this, since having my daughter two years ago. I have been hearing alot about the shots. I will see how everything goes.

  14. I would like to try the B12 shot. Since my daughter is going to daycare and gets the cold from other children, i get it too. I’m tired of being sick every 2 weeks or so. But are there different kinds of B12 shots? Which of them do you recommend?

  15. I prefer drinking XS Energy Drink as it has adaptogenic herbs and 4900% of vitamin B12. This is tastier and safer alternative to B12 shots. Check it out at

  16. I just got my first b12 shot abotu 2 hours ago. I am defincent in b12 because my stomach or intestines do not have something called an infrinsic factor ; No matter how many b12 pills I take my body can not absorb it…
    I had my daughter two years ago and no b12 has caused me extreme fatigue, weightloss, pale skin, stress, and i was even given a perscription for antidepressents…i have not noticed effects yet i dont think, but I am really excited to feel them!!…I will be getting shots twice a month to start.

  17. I just got my first b12 shot abotu 2 hours ago. I am defincent in b12 because my stomach or intestines do not have something called an infrinsic factor ; No matter how many b12 pills I take my body can not absorb it…
    I had my daughter two years ago and no b12 has caused me extreme fatigue, weightloss, pale skin, stress, and i was even given a perscription for antidepressents, which i opted not to get into..finally they found my b12 deficincy…i have not noticed effects yet i dont think, but I am really excited to feel them!!…I will be getting shots twice a month to start.

  18. Hi, I’m from Canada and was reading you article and had to comment. Over here in our health care, if you have blood work done and you lack b12, depending on how much you lack you get B12 shots. (yes, you have to pay for them, but you get them for 12 months).(if it’s not severe you have to take 1000units a day of pills. Anyway, I was just wanting to say, that I get shots 1/month. It has to be exactly the same day of the month, over a period of time it helps with energy, fatigue, mood problems. All of that then helps your activity and social abilities. Nehoos, they don’t hurt.
    Also (very important), when I get the shots they alternate the arms each time. example-If I were to get a shot done today(April 10th) I’ll get it done on my left arm, then next month on May 10th (exactly a month to the day) I’ll get it on my right arm.
    Hope that helps. Not sure if it’s cosmetic in the states or whatnot but that’s how Canada does it.
    For myself, I’m easily deficient. I’ve had a B12 deficiency for years. If I have ‘normal levels’ and get off the B12shots, within a few months I’ll start to have a deficiency again. Thats just my body.
    The shots are also the only way to positively get the vitamin absorbed into your body.
    Toodles :D

    Toronto, Canada

  19. ..(continued)
    Also if you are really tired, check for the blood levels in:

    -White/red blood cells (anemia/(body immune problems)

    -Adrenal and Hypo-thyroid problems, which are most commonly found in WOMEN.

  20. I was recently diagnosed with pernicious anemia and my neurologist tried four months of sub-lingual B12. And my levels dropped 43 points. I just started on daily B12 shots three days ago. Any idea how long until I will notice a difference? Just curious.

  21. I have just started having B12 shots and I have to say that the increased energy is so true. I also feel much healthier and have a motivation for better eating habits. I planned to lose weight this summer so this is making it so much better for me because I actually WANT TO work out. I never had the energy before. This is definatly a dream come true!!!

  22. I’d like to try the B 12 for the espresses benefits

  23. I have been taking the b-12 shot fopr 3 weeks and i dont see anything diffrence, and I have lost 1lb a week from it. I will update you when i see a bigger change.

  24. I recently started taking the B-12 shots because my levels are really low, my doctor has me taking a shot a day for 2 weeks and then 1 a week from here on out. I am on my 4th day and noticed a slight headache today and yesterday. My energy levels have gone up alittle but not too much. how long before I can expect to feel the full effect of the B-12 Vitamin.

  25. I have just read through some of the links. Very interesting discussion. I know of a product called Nascobal which is an FDA approved alternative to the injections. It is written as a prescription by doctors and is an intranasal spray formulation of vitamin B12. Because it is intranasal, it is directly absorbed into the bloodstream as the injection is. Like the injection, it does not lose potency/efficacy related to an oral supplement which has to go through the digestive process for absorption. Nascobal has several advantages over injections,1)it is self-administered weekly and pain free, 2)you don’t need to visit the doctor’s office weekly/monthly for your injection. Google it on the net. You will find it to be very convenient!

  26. I just found out after extensive bloodwork that I am deficient in B12 and Vit D. The dr gave me my first shot of B12 last week…I went home later and took a nap…hahaha, but during the rest of last week, I did notice an improvement in mood and energy levels. I had an exhausting week of activities (four kids, end of school, work, etc) and I stayed calm and was able to do what I needed to do without falling out physically or emotionally. That’s a major change in my life! I go back for my second shot this week and then will take them monthly. I am excited to hear such great news about it here!

    Thanks so much for sharing!

  27. I have been on the B-12 shot and a pill called, PHENTERMINE TAB 37.5 mg for one month. I had my appt yesterday and I have lost 13lbs total. This is a great pill if you need to control your intake on food, cause it will decreas your hunger. FYI dont use the 15 mg, its not great, save your money and get the higer dose. I have also been walking about 1.5 miles 3 days out of the week.

  28. After years of being treated for chronic fatigue, I started having new symptoms, hands and feet aching and tingling. Loss of appetite (lost 5 lbs in 1 week),digestion problems, memory loss, brain fog, sleep problems, etc… My dr ran test for lupus, RA, hep c and MS. All were fine. He then checked my vitamin levels and my B12, vitamin D and folic acid were all VERY low. I got my first B12 shot 5/29 and that night I slept like a baby! The next morning I jumped out of bed and got ready for work. I noticed I could actually hold my arms over my head to blow dry my hair!! I used to sit down and blow dry with my head down. I have so much energy now. I hand washed my Jeep instead of running it thru the carwash. My nails even feel stronger and have grown faster. My husband says my attitude is better and my eyes aren’t so puffy. So far I’ve had 2 shots. (my husband injects me as I can’t stand needles) and I have tons of energy. I’m still losing weight but not as fast. I take 1 shot a week for 4 weeks then 1 shot a month for life. He also prescribed folic acid, 1 mg daily and I take 1000 IU of vitamin D daily. My life is changing for the better since I am not tired all the time. I am 50 years old and work full time. I feel 30 now! I would advise anyone to have their levels checked. Have a great weekend! I know I will!

  29. All of the comments regarding B12 are greatly appreciated, I just started with my first B12 shot last week along with going to the gym and Ive noticed that I can work out longer and have more energy to complete my work out and than some than ever before but I haven’t got on the scale yet.

  30. I received a b12 shot last Tuesday and was told in 3 to 4 days I would have so munch energy and feel really good. Didn\’t happen. Tomorrow will be a week since I took my shot and I am not due to get another one until the following Tuesday (every other week). I slept yesterday for 5 hours. I am worn out and fell sluggish, very moody, and am tired all the time. I could sleep for days. Has anyone else not felt the effects after the first shot??? If so, when did you start feeling better. I have spoken to several people that have taken it and they say after the 3rd day or so they feel wonderful, full of energy – like a whole new person. No me!!! I am calling the dr. today.

  31. I had a partial hystertomy 2004 but, i also recently stated taking the b12 shot weekly, however, i am having hot flashes more frequently has anyone experienced hot flashes after taking the shots.

  32. Hello All –
    I have found the information on this site most interesting. I have had very high IgA levels, a poor immune system and a recent bout of mono. As such, I have asked my doctor for B-12 shots to assist with the extreme fatigue. The posts clearly address the positive effects of receiving the shots and I look forward to trying this alternative treatment in the near future. Thanks for the insight.

  33. Greetings from Jordan.. just started taking my B12 shots.. they sell for only $1 each here! (German made!)

  34. I currently live in Germany and you can buy the B12 shot over the counter. You can also purchase your syringes and needles this way. The Apotehke personnel are extremely proficient in explaining anything you may need. I took the B12 last week. My sister has been taking them for about 6 months and swears by them. I have Endometriosis and I am frequently fatigued because of it. I am also very stressed out with various household situations that I have going on here. I have to say, that shot really helped. I have been able to go back to my 30-40 minute daily runs and I feel more focused on my online college courses. I feel great!

  35. Can you ever get too much B12 in your system. I am a severe anemic and wonder if b12 will help me. Thanks you

  36. I am 49. Work about 60 hours per week in retail. High stress position.Type 2 diabetic. I eat when under stress.This causes my blood sugar to go high & low everyday. I get the “ups & downs” mentally & physically everyday. I am 40 lbs overweight. I do exercise. I walk 36-54 holes of golf per week. I suffer from fatigue & anxiety > At times just lack luster overall. I exercise just about everyday. I was taking 4 1000 mcg of B-12 in the pill/tablet form everyday.
    I went to Quiznos the other day to get a sub & the lady at the counter said she had suffered from similar symptoms. She walked me out to her car and showed me a “sub lingual” B-Complex liquid and told me about the benefits of it absorbing into my system faster than the tablets.
    I have been taking 1 ml of the sublingual before I go to bed and I must say that I feel more energy in the mornings and I am more focused. I hope this will continue. I have been taking it since Monday of this week & I purchased it at Walmart Pharmacy for under $6. Thx. Tony

  37. Do I have to make a Dr appointment and get his approval to get B12 shots? Or can I just ask for them?

    I been taking Nexium for over a month (for acid reflux)now and I been feeling a little depressed, low energy and anxious. I found out that somehow Nexium lowers your B12 levels.

    What is the best way to get this shots?

  38. Proton pump inhibitors (PPI’s) like Nexium for acid reflux do cause B12 deficiency. Simple reason is that the body relies on that acid to breakdown B12 from food sources. When the acid is inhibited, B12 is not able to be broken down and transported into the necessary digestive process to be absorbed into the blood stream. This is very often overlooked by doctors, particulary in younger people. There is a needle free way to get B12 called Nascobal (stands for nasal cobalamin) which is an intranasal formulation that goes directly into the bloodstream thru the nasal pathway. It’s FDA approved and available via prescription from your doctor as a two month supply. Eliminates the needle and the inconvience of having to visit the doctor monthly. Check it out on the web.

  39. I took my first B12 Shot on Thursday evening on Saturday, I had so much more energy, I actually stayed up past 11:00 pm, I am usually wore out and sleepy by 8:00. This morning I woke up feeling fresh and took a 45 minute walk and been active all day. My mind feels much more clearer and not feeling sluggish or depressed. I will take another shot on Monday afternoon. I was able to purchase the B12 through I have a question for those reading this site, do you take any other vitamin supplements? Thanks so much for all those who have posted, I will favorite this website.

  40. I just had my first B12 shot today (after my doctor found I was low through blood tests). He told me I should start to feel more energetic in a few days, that’s exciting. I will be getting a shot once a week for a month and then one shot a month. I was able to get b12 from the pharmacy and with our health plan it was only 12$ (for 4 injections)…and I was only at the Doctor’s office for 10 minutes!

  41. I have some friends who have just started going to a weight loss clinic and they are receiving vitamins and weekly b12 and lipo-b shots. Does anyone know if this is safe? Does it work for weight loss or only as long as you take it?

    Thanks, Lee

  42. I had my second b12 shot 5 days ago and I can fully support anyone who says they feel better, more energetic and happier! I didn’t realize I was in such a slump until about 4 days after my first shot. On the afternoon of day 4 I seemed to ‘wake up’ and it is great! I go to sleep at a normal time now and wake up and a normal time. Previously I had to drag myself out of bed and need an alarm clock, now I just seem to wake up and feel great. I hope I stay this way!! Also, I hope b12 has the same effect on others who take it.

  43. What dosage of injectable B12 is giving on a daily or weekly basis?

  44. Does the B-12 really work, and how long do you have to take it before you notice the effects? Have anyone of you used Phentermine? If so what do you think about that?

  45. I have been really tired for weeks now and lab tests showed my B12 level was low. I got my first B12 shot today and came home still so tired. Then I found this site and was happy to read that it takes several days for the effects to be felt. Lots of great info here!
    I have one question. My B12 levels were not below the normal, they were just at the bottom of the normal range. I think the range is 180-900 and mine was 195 and then 230 two days later.
    Do they normally prescribe B12 shots if you are not actually below 180?

  46. I have been getting these for years.. I have had some metabolic problems, so they were mostly a “lets try and see” sort of thing, and although they didn’t really help the metabolic issue, they greatly improve my quality of life.

    Just an FYI, you are getting ripped off at $25 a shot. If you know anyone who is a registered nurse or a doctor, they may be willing to give you a quick lesson in giving one to yourself. It is much simpler and much less difficult than you would imagine. I pay ~$5 for a vial of B12 that has 10cc’s in it (10 doses for most people), and syringes with needles are about 35 cents each. Works out to about 85 cents per shot, and your doctor is charging you $25.

    Just don’t grab a needle and stab yourself, make sure you get some instruction by someone qualified before you take it on yourself. At least here in Canada you can purchase the vials and syringes over the counter at most pharmacies without any questions–no prescription required. Its just a vitamin. If you get too much, your kidneys just filter it out into your urine harmlessly. For the same reason if you drink gallons of orange juice, you won’t get vitamin C poisoning, because you will just pee out the excess.

    If you have your choice, pick it in the form of “methylcobalamin”, or “hydroxycobalamin”. They are much more bio available than the most common “cyanocobalamin”, but essentially its all the same stuff.

  47. Nice article and good comments. Four weeks ago, I went to see a neurologist because I was sure that, at the age of 54, I had either Parkinson’s Disease or something equally devastating. I shuffled when I walked, was often so “stiff” that I couldn’t stand straight, reach above my head, my muscles ached so bad constantly that I couldn’t even get comfortable to sit or sleep, when I walked I had to steady myself by touching the wall because I was so dizzy, I had intense pins and needles in my left foot, etc. The brain fog was terrible. I gagged and choked on nothing. But, I have had chronic fatigue for 12 years after suffering Occupational Lead Poisoning so I just thought that I was experiencing a progressive part of that disease. A disease that has kept me on proton pump inhibitors for years because it caused chronic gastritis.

    The doctor ordered an MRI and blood work. I see my GP every two weeks and have had tons of blood work…I figured nothing new here. But the doctor’s office calls and said that I had severe B12 defiency. B12 deficiency? How bad could that be? I was informed that I would have to take weekly shots for a while, then monthly…probably for the rest of my life. I was also advised to take large (500-1000 mcg) supplements. (It turns out that oral supplements do work but only at these doses and only after you stabilize your blood levels.)

    A little research later, I discover that it is a common deficiency among people who take proton pump inhibitors. I was disappointed that not even my gastroenterologist had bothered to warn me after 10 years of taking PPIs. And how bad could it be? Well, after the second shot, I was close to my old self. No more dizziness. No pins and needles. No choking. No aches. I am just so amazed that I can actually walk like a normal person. I can reach up to things above my head. I have more energy which I need since I am raising 3 grandchildren. I am just amazed, period! Who could believe that a vitamin deficiency could do this to person?

    I’m not saying that B12 is a miracle supplement. I am just saying that if you have a deficiency, B12 can feel like a miracle. I am fortunate that my insurance is paying for the injections but I am sure that I would pay that $25 per shot willingly in order to not be an old shuffling gray haired lady again!

    Everybody have a great day!

  48. I started taking B complex a few months ago. Initially I was taking B complex pills, but even if I chewed them my body wouldn’t absorb all that I needed. My holistic doctor suggested B complex liquid (whole foods, sprouts etc carry it), which I love but I have to take a large dose every day to have enough energy to get to the gym, and through work etc. If I miss a day I can really notice it, plus it has to be kept cold, so when I travel for work, I cannot bring it. I have really been thinking about trying the shot, I will def. look into it some more.

    Thank you for all the information!

  49. I just got my first B12 injection for the first time in a long time. The pharmacist at Kroger administered the injection. The cost was $15.00.
    FYI, phentermine is the generic name for one of the “amphetamine” substitues such as Fastin. It’s a more safe substitute.

  50. I just got my first B12 shot about 2 hours ago. I also took a L-Carnitine shot. I have to say, I feel like I’m ready to go walk about 5 miles. It’s later in the day now, so I’ll hold off on that 5 mile hike for a few days and will get up in the morning and do my 2 mile walk with my dogs. I am anemic (low blood stores) and received a small iron infusion yesterday. I’ve asked my hemotologist about the B-12, however he won’t recommed it for me. I suffer bouts with fibromyalgia and right now, those pains are gone. What is your recommendation about taking the B-12 with the L-Carnitine shots? I’m so happy now I could jump for joy!!!

  51. how much of injection for a 50 yr. old man 190lb

  52. On a logical sense though people, this is still and energy booster and they all come with the same jitters and symptoms of drinks such as Monster, Rockstar, or even Redbull. In many cases too much of these supplements form patterns for Type 2 Diabetes due to the energy boost and crash. Again this may actually be a good supplement but you would need to find a better way to get your energy from fruits or high-sugar foods if you need the energy like that. Having too much of these and then engaging in high-stress or high-demand activities may cause your heart to pump blood far too fast and often has a hard time stopping which can lead to a heart attack. I say this out of concern for people’s health from seeing this in many of my close friends and family members.

  53. B12 shots are great. I like to get b12 shots when I work out and when I am tired. I heard that b12 shots are also given to baseball players as a substitute for banned substances. B12 shots are the way to go and b12 injections really help. I only wish I could get [b12 shots] at the pharmacy instead of ordering them online.

  54. I get my b12 shots through my health club. We have a guy who sells vitamins and supplements that you can’t get in the us. He goes to mexico for b12 shots and creams, plus other injections that are only approved for horses in the us, but used by bodybuilders and olympic athletes because they are not banned. He says b12 shots as part of a well rounded supplement program are helpful. The only problem I have with b12 shots is that sometimes I get pain near where the b12 shots were injected.

  55. I’ve had 2 shots already and i’m still sluggish and exhausted. i dont think they are helping

  56. I suffer from winter depression (seasonal affective disorder), would the vitamin b12 shots help me in any way ?

  57. Parenteral (IM or IV) Vit B12 is indicated in pernicious anemia treatment in which vitamin B12

    deficiency, caused by impaired absorption of vitamin B-12 due to the absence of intrinsic factor in the

    setting of atrophic gastritis, and more specifically of loss of gastric parietal cells. Even though

    pernicious anemia is one of the leading causes of vitamin B12 deficiency, it is still relatively rare.

    Generally you can tell if you have it by a screening CBC (Complete Blood Count) which shows a lower

    number of RBCs (Red Blood Cells) but larger individual size of each rbc. If there is no intrinsic

    factor, and supplementation corrects the anemia and rbc size the diagnosis is a slam dunk.
    It is believed most prevalent among individuals of either Celtic (ie, English, Irish, Scottish) or

    Scandinavian origin. In these groups, 10-20 cases per 100,000 people occur per year. Pernicious anemia

    is reported less commonly in people of other racial backgrounds.
    So generally physicians give B12 injections for placebo effect or “in case it is subclinical(hidden or

    early) disease”.
    In either case, even someone with documented pernicious anemia would usually not benefit from more than

    once a month injection.
    Yes, I have injected Vit B12 into myself and some others knowing that it is probably not medically

    necessary, but as long as everyone realizes that, then it isn’t healthcare fraud.
    The Vit B12 just gets excreted in the urine and is harmless, essentially.(expensive urine)
    With these caveats, and explanations, I have suspected that the placebo effect and maybe some stress

    reduction effect that I can’t prove is at play.

    Scott David Reiter, M.D., FAAEM
    Double Board Certified (ABMS) in
    Internal Medicine and Emergency Medicine
    Pier Laser Med Spa
    Santa Monica, CA

  58. I agree that the placebo effect could be at work based on the overall postings. However, the placebo effect is a wonderful boost and, in the long run, has many positive benefits for an individuals health. But Dr. R. I am sure you know this since, despite your ambivalence about the true medicinal effects, you will use it anyway. In a sophisticated and skeptical society such as ours, there will be fewer and fewer substances which will bring about this effect, I’m betting. The most important issue I guess, is what one is willing to pay and whether a cheaper way is available. Naturally, there are psychological reasons why paying for something adds to the effect when placebo is at work. I was particularly interested in the comments regarding treatments for reflux perhaps affecting B12 absorption. My doctors are not nutritionists except in a very general way (lose weight please)and I am wondering about the absorption of other supplements I am taking. I also wonder about the effects of oral administration vs. shots in anyone with liver problems such as hepatitis and does that Lipo which someone commented on, help the liver? On a more personal note, I walked into my weight loss clinic yesterday to get some nutrients and hoping for the best. I spontaneously got a shot of B12 as a pick me up and hoping for the best this New Years.

  59. Hello, how can I find out if the b12 shots are available in my area?

  60. Thanks, I need the boost!

  61. Um where can you get these shots at????? I live in Layton Utah

  62. Regarding post #57 by Heidi – I don’t know how often people check this board, but I also live in Germany and have been hoping to find a place to receive B-12 shots as I used to get them in the states. I had brain surgery two years ago and now I am on medication for my severe migraines that makes me extremely exhausted. A friend suggested that I start these and they made a huge difference! It is so much better than drinking a ton of coffee and crashing which is what I do now. I miss the shots terribly and miss feeling healthy.

    If there is anyway you could let me know where at in Germany you live as far as what city or what region so I know or a way to email you or something it would be GREATLY appreciated.

  63. I have a B12 deficiency, my B12 level is below 200. I am having allergic reactions to the shots and the pills(itching and anxiety). My doctor said he has never heard of anyone having a reaction to B12 and has given me no alternatives to this serious problem. I need to find out if i can be allergy tested for medications or any other allergies that could cause this to happen. I read on one web site that I could have other vitamin deficiencies that could cause the reaction I have from B12. I need help. What kind of doctor do I need to see?

  64. I find now the best way to take B-12, is through the nose with a Steam Inhaler. Why B-12 works the way it does, is the blood is made richer with oxygen, and carries more oxygen. A side effect of Nasal B-12 is it can destroy the Cold and Flu viruses

    What is interesting, when you put a half dropper of Ener-B B-12 Shot 5000mcg in the water in the Steam Inhaler, and inhale the steam, it becomes very effective, and really makes you feel great and gets rid of all your Depression, plus unstuffs your nose and any other problems you have.

    Good Health

  65. Great article. I don’t think I will ever take this and I even doubt it’s availability here but this was very informative and could be useful for when I become old and lethargic.

  66. Great article!!!

  67. I now live in Northern Virginia and do not have a regualr physician. Is there a way to find doctors that will offer the weekly B12 shot?

  68. hello,
    i’m from texas :)
    i have a question if you’re willing to answer it.
    i have an appointment on monday and i’m kinda nervous.
    do you get the shot on your first appointment ? or do you make another one for the shot?
    i’m nineteen.
    my mom and me are going together. and she’s super excited but i don’t wanna sike myself out. i found this website and i figured after reading this whole thing that i should ask my questions here.
    we’re going to use this b12 shot as a dietary supp.
    i hope it works.

  69. Awesome article. I am desperately seeking somewhere in Utah to get these shots. I have called around everywhere and no one seems to give them. I am in the Salt Lake City area. If anyone knows of a place here that provides the injections, that would be great! and very appreciated! I see they can’t be ordered online anymore :(

  70. Just wanted to let you know that the B-12 shots are no longer available on that website.


  71. Hi everyone,

    I have been taking B-12 shots for a long time. I was first introduced to B-12, when living in New York, at a very young age. I visited my family physician, and I told him, I had no strength. He asked me, do you feel unhappy? and do you feel like you don’t want to go anywhere? my answer to all the questions, was YES. He said: I’m going to give you a B=12 shot and take B-12 pills everyday.

    Wa!la! the next day, I felt stronger, it was like I woke up from a debilitating condition. Years later, I stopped taken them because I felt I didn’t need them.

    Then I moved to Florida, and all was great, until,
    now, after all these years of feeling good, 8 years ago, I started taking B-12 shots again, under my doctors care, I lost my father, then two years ago, I lost my brother, stress has taken over making me feel weak again, and my wonderful Doctor, gave me a prescription for B-12, so I wouldn’t have to pay 25 dollars every month, now my husband can give me the shots at home. And, I also, take the sub-lingual, liquid B-2 cherry flavor with my O.J. everyday.

    I hope this helps anyone here, don’t be afraid of B-12, B-12 is found in food, but if you don’t eat things with B-12, take the shots. It has saved my life.

    Thank you for letting me write this.


  72. One more point to the Dr,

    We have a nonprofit educational institute for Health Professionals so they can stay on top of the latest clinical science. (Since current science supports much more than a placebo effect.) He may want to get his CME’s from the training provided by the doctors, for the doctors. To all Health Professionals they can check out:

    And the doctor is free to email me, I’m in his area.

    To Your Health!

  73. Does anyone know if this shot is addictive??

  74. Wow !!! It’s a rare day when I sit riveted to a blog site discussing vitamin B12. After reading 123 posts and going to the various sites cited; I feel I have had my life story read back to me by people I have never met. I will be ordering B12 inject able from a distributor in Canada and will also explore the Mexico possibilities.

    I am a 57 year old male in reasonably good health. My issue is I half to kick my own A** to get going. Whether it’s a work project or a band practice its tuff for me to get going. Also the depression aspect is intriguing. I often wonder if I have and I think the answer is “If you are asking then the answer probably yes).

    I’ll post back in roughly two week and give the results.

    Thank You !!! So much for this forum !

  75. I recently started a weight loss program with my primary care doctor. The program includes a weekly shot of b12, a diuretic, potassium and various supplements including a colon cleanse aid paired with a low carb diet. I also take a multi vitamin and levoxyl for a thyroid condition. It’s week 2. I had my 2nd shot yesterday and felt light headed and anxious most of the day. I couldn’t drink enough water. I had NO side effects the first week. I also started my cycle and felt like my limbs were made of lead.
    My doc says this is normal as my body gets used to it but to call if it continues or gets worse. Has anyone heard of this many combos? Do I need the multi vitamin? Am I over doing it?From the comments above, it sounds like I will begin feeling better in a couple of days.

  76. Well I just returned from a short trip and found in my mail 5 1000 mcl vials of vitamin B12. I am moments away from taking my first shot and I’ll post back in a few days.

    The box says 10mL DIN 00521515
    Vitamin B12 Cyanocobalamin
    Injection USP
    Multidose Vial



  77. Well I just returned from a short trip and found in my mail 5 1000 mcl vials of vitamin B12. I am moments away from taking my first shot and I’ll post back in a few days.

    The box says 10mL DIN 00521515
    Vitamin B12 Cyanocobalamin
    Injection USP
    Multidose Vial



  78. OK just gave myself my first shot. First time I have ever done anything like that. Before I gave myself the injection I watched a very good video on

    The video is step be step and I belive they cover everything you need to know. (I had forgotten about using alcohol to sterilize everything.

    Bottom line is it’s very easy and painless. A little disturbing maybe but I think the 10th time I’ll be stabbing myself in under 3 seconds. :) (i’m joking)

    I’ll post in a few days as to the effects.


  79. Hello
    I am taking B12 shots and just love them. I started taking them through a diet clinic here called The Bariactic clinic. I have lost over 20 lbs and I feel great. I am done with the diet but I am hooked on the b12 now. I have young kids and work from home. I have to stay up late a lot to catch up on my work and I could not do it without the B12. I first ordered some from but they stopped selling them. Now I get them from http// They were fast and it came with a kit that had intructions that were very detailed and a sharps container. I was impressed with the kit. The cost was very good and it has a real prescrition. I have read that getting b12 from Canadian pharmacies can be dangerous so I was glad to find this one.
    I just thought I would suggest it since people are often looking for somewhere to buy them.

  80. I would like to say thanks for the information. I am getting my first shot tomorrow and very scared of needles. I would just like to have more energy so i can play with my kids more…i am 25 and very much overweight, today is my 5th anneversary and i weigh just about 100 lbs more then the day i got married. It would feel so great to be myself again.

  81. Well it’s been 6 days and on day one I thought it be nice to go for a walk. I don’t normally think like that. The next four days I felt run down and I am pretty sure it was related to some level of allergy. I have not been diagnosed with any allergies but then again I haven’t requested a diagnosis either.

    I just gave myself another injection (2mL) and I will report back in the next couple of days.

    Quick Bio, 58 yrs old male good shape for 58 and fighting low energy. Looking for healthy pick me up.

  82. Sadly, about 2 years ago, my wife (a licensed practical nurse who, incidentally, is a great deal younger than myself) made the ill-advised decision to forego carbohydrates in her diet. Since then, her diet has consisted of mostly processed cheeses, luncheon meats, foil packages of tuna, spiral hams, deviled eggs, spinach dip and clear liquors.

    I’m afraid abstaining from carbohydrates robbed that poor woman of her once-girlish figure as well as her joi d’vive. She has become fleshy and mannish in appearance and her pocked skin now requires several thick coats of foundation. Let’s not discuss her breath.

    Do you think B-12 shots might help her? She’s desperate!

  83. Yes, vitamin B12 injections are great, I have to take them because my body doesn’t absorb vitamin B12 orally. Taking these injections can be expensive, that’s why my Dr. prescribed them, but my husband, who used to be a Nurse assistance gives them to me…thay way I ONLY PAY about $5 dollars for about 10 dosages!!!!!!!!! Way better than paying $18-$25 dollars per shot!!!!

  84. Yes, Vitamin B12 injections work I have been taking them for 3 weeks now and the energy I have had is unbelievable. I have cleaned my house from top to bottom worked out daily and worked 12 hour shifts. I have also been taking a appetite suppressant and in two week I lost 10 pounds. the Injections increased my appetite and given me energy but the appetite suppressant controls my eating and the extra energy and working out cause me to burn more calories. I love it

  85. When I learned today that part of my memory loss and extreme depression can be easily treated by B-12 shots, I agreed immediately. If we aren’t absorbing it well, it doesn’t matter what the dosage of the B comlex is: we won’t process it.
    I’m so glad I finally got an answer.

  86. I really appreciate the way you give importance to small details. your approach to writing is just brilliant.

  87. I realise that there are some people who cannot absorb adequate amounts of B12 through the digestive system. That’s why even meat eaters can have a deficiency in B12. I was diagnosed with a B12 deficiency and I opted for inexpensive sublingual (under the tongue) tablets that are reasonably pleasant tasting and dissolve in a couple of minutes or so. The B12 is absorbed through the blood-vessel rich area under the tongue. Usually a bottle of 100 tablets 1000 mcg these can cost anywhere from $8 to $20 CDN. These bring your levels up to near what shots will do and ensure a steady stream of the vitamin to your system as you can take them daily or twice daily depending on what your doctor/naturopath recommends. Why puncture the skin needlessly with shots?

    Another thing I learned was there is two kinds of B12. Cyanocobalamin and Methylcobalamin. The cyano has a cyanide molecule attached and goes through extra processing in our systems to get where its needed. The methyl is more readily usable, gets there faster and is better for the brain. Both are effective.

    B12 is water soluble so you pee out what you don’t need. It is difficult to OD on it because your system takes what it needs. Talk to your doctor/naturopath on how much you should take. Your pharmacist or health food store person can also be helpful in providing you with more information.

  88. Actually I am receiving B12 shots because I have had a gastric bypass and do not absorb things like a normal person does. So as Bob was saying, this is the one way to insure that I am getting what I need.

  89. hi i want to try b12 but im afraid as ihave high blood pressure and high cholesterol i feel tired and depress sometime

  90. Very informative, thank you!

  91. I agree

  92. I just gave myself my first B12 injection for over all fatigue and weakness. I am very active and workout a lot. After some research I ordered B12 online and am anxious for “results”. I gave 1000mcg IM in my right thigh. Is this site OK? I figured it was definitily the most comfortable to inject myself. I have no clue how frequently to take this but figured I’ll start 1 a week.
    Should I also be taking B6 orally? I read the combo is recommended. I want to do this right and get the most benefit. I would truly apprecite all insight and direction. Love and peace

  93. B12 is quite an interesting vitamin for many different reasons. My 6 year old niece has high functioning autism. She receives B12 shots to lessen the severity of her symptoms. B12 shots are administered to her every 3 days, and after just one day, she is very noticeably more alert, is able to give eye contact and can communicate quite clearly.

  94. I’m going to have to look into this

  95. Dear Sherry,

    Thank you so much for your comment. I’m not a doctor, but if you’re worried about having high blood pressure, I would for sure consult with your doctor and get a second opinion to be safe. Also, I researched it online and found this information:

    “Since that time, I’ve advised dozens of women with hypertension to see if they can get a B12 shot from their physician, and failing that, start taking B12 in sublingual (under tongue) or nasal preparation. Virtually all of these have reported back that they no longer have high blood pressure.”

    Source link: “Lowering High Blood Pressure in Women”

    I’ve also been told that because B12 shots help give you energy it can help fight depression because you won’t feel tired and listless.

    In the above link, a person’s dr’s test showed that she had high cholesterol levels and the dr suggested she receive B12 shots.
    I sincerely hope this was helpful and wish you all the very best. If you do end up trying B12 shots, please let a comment to let everyone know how things went for you if you’d like to.

    Dear Sherie, thank you so kindly for your comment!



    -Liane Schmidt.

  96. I have been taking a b12 shot on a monthly basis for years now because of a digestive issue. It tends to give you a boost in energy but if your systm already has normal amounts of it there is not a big reason for taking it. B12 is best absorbed via a shot. Weekly shots I don’t think so. Monthly yes.

  97. hello,Im writing in refernce to the b12 shot..I currently live in germany also, can I go to any german pharmacy(apotheke) and get this stuff? Im also a stay at home mom and I have the lapband and Im loosing very slowly.I never have time to work out becouse of my busy lifestyle.I need a picker uper.

  98. hello, I also currently live in germany,can I get the b12 etc. at any german pharmcy(apothe) in I need a RX?? about how much does it cost??

  99. what part of germany are you in and where do you go to get this for only $1

  100. I get the b12 complex injections and i love them they make me feel good and help my joints feel better and gives me energy.I have been taking them for the past month .

  101. I have Crohn’s Disease. Most people that have this have a deficiency in vitamin B12. This is because it gets absorbed in the end of the small intestine (terminal ileum) where most crohn’s people have their inflammation (thus lowered absorption). After seeing an accupuncturist (who is also a TCM doctor and an MD!) he recommended a B12 shot…which I got right away (this was after I mentioned my mind was cloudy and I could not concentrate). I felt tired after the accupuncture session (which I was told is normal), but over the next couple of days, my mind was quite clear…placebo? not sure, but what I am sure of is that I felt much much better. Because the CD does not allow for good absorbtion (orally speaking), I have opted for the medical system to pay for my B12 shots and just go to the clinic and get them done once a week. I have not taken this one, but it sounds compelling:

  102. I just want to contribute a couple of points to the discussion here. Autistic children are treated with methyl B12 (methylcobalimin) injections. This is a higher form of B12 – apparently their bodies have difficulty making methyl B12 from cyanocobalamin. Unfortunately, it seems to be available only by prescription unlike cyanocobalamin which abounds on the internet. I have been able to get cyanocobalimin in preloaded syringes in Mexico as well for $6 for 5 1000 mcg shots. Also, some people order vials of cyanocobalimin from online veterinarian supply sites and it is dirt cheap – do a search for it if you can self administer and want to save money.

  103. Very informative. also the points you have added are good.

  104. How about increasing your body’s Glutathione levels?
    By using a combination of nutrients that stimulate your body to increase its master antioxidant/antitoxin substance called Glutathione. It is made in Every one of our 75 trillion cells and is imperative for cellular function. It is a very powerful detox as it binds to toxins and heavy metals and neutralizes free radicals. Once these body burdens are eliminated, your cells can once again function properly and alleviate many auto immune and age related diseases. The benefits are many including improved energy, reduced joint pain and inflammation, better sleep, reduces stress, improves mental function and mood etc…

  105. what kind of dr do you go to? a family pratice? or a health dr? or which kind?


  107. I would like information on how to get the injections of methylcobalamin in West Palm Beach, Florida. My doctor does not use methylcobalamin but the cobalamin form. He does not believe that methylcobalamin is better.

    Please e-mail me the information if you have information on how to get it in Florida. I am suffering from severe depression and I know that this can help me. Thank you.

  108. I noticed I get more hot flashes when taking B12 ,,, I was` wondering about it too!

  109. I take he shot because i o not absorb iron so i get iron tranfusion and b12 shot so is there diffrent type of b 12 i give myself injections

  110. Very interesting website…I’ve learned a lot about taking the shots and what contributes to low levels of B-12. For the poster who asked about taking synthroids for thyroid: I take those and have just started B-12 shots once a month per family doctor’s advice (4 days ago). I also take meds for cholesterol and for acid reflux. Dr. said she wants to build up B-12 gradually in my body, and that people who take shots usually are on them for life. I’m 61 and was plagued by chronic fatigue and remain hopeful, in time, these shots will prove to be beneficial (blood work was done initially to determine the diagnosis). She said not to expect a surge in energy right off the bat, so being patient is key; but I have noticed that I’m a little more alert. She said it was ok to take a multi-vitamin but not to take any additional supplements of B-12 while on the shots. Thank God I had switched doctors who discovered this deficiency!

  111. I take phentermine and get weekly b-12 injections. I have lost 26lbs in less than a month. Phentermine by itself gives you an enormous amount of energy plus rapidly speeds up your metabolism. I though am a typically healthy young person. Obviously there are risks to consult with your doctor before taking any new medication. But phentermine has worked wonders for me. B-12 is awesome too.

  112. This was a lot of information to absorb. Thank you. I checked out BUT they don’t offer the injections anymore. Ugh. So I went to They ship them out hassle free, just have to fill out their medical history form. So far all is good. I was concern about ordering online but the customer service was good so i went with it.

    Thanks for all of the awesome information!!

  113. Has anyone had any adverse side effects from the B12 shots? An elderly woman that I take to the doctor, had her 3rd B12 shot and her blood pressure shot up to 212/104. Normally her blood pressure is around 120/78. This is the only new thing that has been introduced. No new foods or medicine.

  114. I’m definitely going to try this because I have been so extremely sleepy lately. I’m usually tired, but this sleepy feeling is starting to be frustrating and overwhelming. A friend of mine recommended it and I think I’m going to go for it.

  115. Hey Everyone,

    First of all thank you for sharing your stories and experiences, they are very helpful and comforting. I am not a fan of shots and never have been, although I do get them because of how well they work for me personally. I was researching more bout mb12 and came across a company that apparently makes lollipops with mb12? I was sketchy about them so I looked into it and they seem legit and are even on Jenny McCarthy’s autism website. So my question is, have you tried these “RevitaPops” and if so, do you know if they are effective like my shots?

    Here is there info:

    Thanks everyone for your help!



  116. Hi i am really interested in the b12 injections. my friend was telling me that it helps you loose weight.
    * its hard to get in to see my dr. so if i have a way to get them and not see my dr. is that ok you think?
    * i really need more energy and motivation. i do take anti depresants but i have cut the dose in half by myself becasue i think that the dose i was on also put me in a little bit of a slump.
    * when i get the b12 shots should i do it once a week? i also plan to excersise more with the nice weather and i am eating better now that i have an 18month old son that i have to feed the same as i eat.

  117. I have tried to read most of these post and still haven’t found the answer to my question.
    I took b12 shots 1 each week for 4 weeks then 1 each month for 4 months. I was low in b12 and very tired, I so looked forward to getting my memory back…. Well last week i had it checked again and guess what? My B12 level moved up only 1 point!. The Dr is confused said she would check into it…..i still haven’t heard from her… You have an idea why my body wont absorb the shots? Thank you CJ

  118. Hi,
    This is my story. I started taking B12 shots 3 months ago, because my hair was thinning. I heard that if your hair is thinning, that you may be B12 deficient. So I tried it.
    The other benefits were amazing. Immediately, I felt a rush (that I wasn’t expecting)…The energy and the overall sense of “well-being”…I’m happy and it feels great.
    Another amazing side effect is that in 3 months, I went from a size 18 to a size 10-12. I bought a size medium dress the other day. I have never been so happy. I finally look the way I feel.
    I must have been B-12 deficient because I don’t eat dairy or fish, so it’s nice to finally put all the pieces together.

    Just try it, what do you have to lose? (Except weight)

    I go to Accesa Health Care in Torrance, Ca

  119. My doctor prescribed B12 shots once a day for 5 days, off for two, once a day for 5 more days and then once a week for a month and then once a month. By day three I noticed my heart beating faster and I an having frequent heart palpitations. Has anyone else had this experience? Show I slow down the doses or quit taking them? My test levels were borderline low for B12.

  120. No doubt that taking B12 shots gives you a lot of health benefits, very useful post indeed. Thanks foe sharing.

  121. Is it safe to give yourself the shot twice a week? And how much?

  122. Dear World’s Top 10, thank you so kindly for your comment!

    Dear Randi, my doctor told me that dosage varies from person to person. Because I’m not a doctor, I think it’s best to consult with your doctor just to be on the safe side. I found the following article & I hope it’s helpful to you:

    “Vitamin B12 shots benefits are the reason people pay a fairly high price to take this vitamin, but how often should we take B12 injections? This varies for each person, some it’s once or twice a month and others it’s once or twice a week. Consult your Doctor but the risks of overdosing are minimal if your follow instructions but I’m no Doctor.”



    -Joie Schmidt.

  123. hi all i just haveing my 2nd b12 shots can any one tell me more about b12 as i dont no much about the b12 defishancy. hope u can help

  124. I just recieved my first B~12 shot 2 days ago. I work in a school system with children, and am sick from October to April. The doctor visit was originally for bronchitis, but I opted for the B~12 shot after speaking with the nurse about it. Here it is, 2 days later, and I’m feeling much better. I did not know it also helped in weight loss untill reading the post’s on your site. I hope this shot keeps me healthier during the school year, and I plan to get one once a month. Thank you for your informative website.

  125. i got my first b12 shot a day ago and i cant really say i feel any different. however i do remember having a weird taste and mouth watering. is that normal? also is consumption of thc counteractive with the injection?

  126. How interesting! Hmmm…maybe I’ll start with tablets…

  127. I have been taking weekly b12 shots for three months. I work as a flight attendant for an airline so I am surrounded by germs and people stressing out all day long.

    After 5 years of flying I would have thought I fought every cold virus out there but alas they are mutant mutating fiends and always find a way to come back.

    Since I have been taking the b12 shots I have been hanging out with my fiends even when they’re Ill (they should be in bed!) and not even a sniffle in my nose! Countless sick passengers on the planes And not a sneeze in sight!

    Stressing passengers haven’t bothered me one bit and my mind has been clear enough to deal with them without becoming offended or brash in return. It really matters what mood you are in when it comes to problem solving and b12 has helped enormously.

    Believe it or not I used to be a Pothead (which is why I will remain anonymous) and it helped regulate my withdrawal mood swings when I stopped smoking that!

    My skin is smooth my hair is thick and my sex drive is through the roof! All from b12? who knows? But its doing something right! Not to mention I haven’t had a hangover since I started taking it wither but don’t use it as an excise to drink more lol

    A tip for fellow Canadians: you don’t need a prescription to buy just ask your local pharmacist (shoppers) for the 10 mL vile ($6) and a pack of sharps. (6/$3.00 usually) .. Don’t forget your alcohol prep pads! Make sure you talk to your doc tho to make sure you know what you’re doing. Ask him/her to teach u how to administer your own shot.

  128. I like your post. It really tackles about health and we all know that it is the most important to prioritize. I truly agree on the post and I love reading it. Not just health but fit!

  129. Great information here. For those who’d like to learn more about b12 deficiency, there is a very good website that I believe you’ll find useful:

    The book listed there is excellent and co-authored by someone who has B12 deficiency. I’ve read both the original edition and the 2nd edition (recently released) and the information provided is eye-opening and very valuable.

  130. I use phenterimine myself, and it is the best diet pill i have ever used, it does work, and the only side affect for me is dry mouth, but really thats not bad. You should drink lots of water anyway, but if you have high blood pressure you should not take this product. Myself i really love it, it also gives you lots of energy which helps the pounds come off.

  131. Dear Brenda,

    Thank you with all my heart for sharing your experience – I’m not familiar with phenterimine – but if it’s helping you, that’s wonderful to hear !! For those who don’t know about it, I just looked it up in Wikipedia:



    -Joie Schmidt.

  132. I had vitamin b injections during weight loss hcg. never lost any weight. but let me tell u those vit b shots were amazing. the energy, focus, happiness. i would love to get them. but they are 15 to 25 a pop and i cannot afford that.

  133. Hi Kat,

    Yes, I know that B12 shots are a bit expensive. I do know that there are other affordable energy boosters as well. For example, b12 pills, eating oranges 2-3 a day – very amazing for energy – wheat grass shots, and more !



    -Joie Schmidt.

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