Baking Soda & Hydrogen Peroxide for Receding Gums

Tips on how to treat or prevent receding gums with the use of baking soda and hydrogen peroxide.

Many people who get older getting into their forties and above, experience the discomfort of receding gums.  The condition is where the roots of the teeth are exposed and could give unpleasant pain.  The teeth get more sensitive to cold or hot food and drinks.  This can be caused by over aggressive tooth brushing that the gums are virtually pushed making the base of the teeth more vulnerable to bacterial infection.  Enzymes coming from bacterial infection practically corrode and eat away bone and teeth.

Sodium bicarbonate is more popularly known as baking soda commonly found in homes.  It has many properties that help maintain health better in people, in general.  The main property of baking soda that benefits receding gums is increasing alkalinity in the mouth.  Alkaline neutralizes acids and this includes acids produced by bacterial infection of the gums.

How will sodium bicarbonate be beneficial for receding gums?

1.  Reduce forceful or over brushing to normal and use it to clean in between the teeth and the lines where gums meet the teeth.

2.  Baking soda has also mild abrasive properties but much less than that of toothpaste that helps whiten teeth while preserving the enamel.

3.  In combination with 3% hydrogen peroxide, sodium bicarbonate provides more protection for the teeth gums from bacterial infection.

4.  Exposed teeth roots not protected by enamel are safely cleaned.

5.  People who love acidic food and carbonated beverages will benefit much from the use of baking soda in cleaning their teeth.

6.  Those that have thin gum fibers extending to their lips will get the most benefits to protect or treat receding gums.

Sodium bicarbonate does not offer instantaneous cure or remedy from gingival recession.  There are no claims that gums have returned back to normal after the use of it.  The only way to put gums back in their former shape and form is through surgery that involves gum grafting.  A periodontist who taught gum surgery at the University of North Carolina says a success rate of 98 percent out of 1,000 has been achieved with the use of hydrogen peroxide without any mention if it was in combination with sodium bicarbonate.

Baking soda in combination with hydrogen peroxide still has the edge over just using only one to treat receding gums.  It has no promises but offers a lot of benefits to those who would use it properly and religiously.

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