Benefits of Chocolate for Men

Benefits of chocolate for men.

Chocolate containing cocoa (cocoa beans) more than 70 percent have health benefits. The amount of this antioxidant’s even three times more than green tea, noodles beverage which has been often regarded as a source of antioxidants. With the presence of antioxidants, chocolate is one of a health drink.

On February 14, later, chocolate must be food for some people who share and love. As we know, identical to the February 14 Valentine’s Day or Valentine’s day. Well, on that day, usually there are some people who give chocolates to their partners as a symbol of affection.

fewer men than women eat chocolate. In fact, the benefits of chocolate believed to be more effective in men than women. Men also need food for their health. Chocolate, especially dark chocolate, blood flow can be due to its content of flavonoids may lower bad cholesterol levels and serves to maintain male sexual desire.

* Dark Chocolate

Dark Chocolate contains cocoa (cacao), the most high, containing at least 70 percent cocoa. Dark chocolate contains cocoa or chocolate beans ever, without a lot of sugar and no saturated fat or hydrogenated vegetable oil (HVO).

* White Chocolate

While white chocolate has only 33 percent of its chocolate or cocoa, remaining sugar, milk and vanilla. This is da sugar content can bear negative effects, such as tooth decay and diabetes.

* Chocolate Milk or Chocolate Milk

Milk chocolate or milk chocolate is cocoa mixed with milk and sugar added. This type of chocolate is also very popular because it tastes delicious.

people who eat chocolate live a year can be longer than those who do not eat chocolate. Some research also suggests, chocolate containing 70 percent pure cocoa health benefits for the heart, brain, immune system, and control stres.Selain, 90% of smokers in the world dominated by men. flavanols contained in cocoa can reverse some of the blood vessels are damaged by smoking.

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